Fine, Thin Hair? 4 Essential Tips to Get Volume & Strength in your Hair!

If you have fine, thin, fragile hair I'm sure you are also always looking for a new method to get more volume in your hair, possibly using natural hair care products that will also strengthen them. Because it's well known ... it is a lot more easier to add more volume if your your hair is strong & healthy. Here are my 4 essential tips to help you get volume & strength in your hair!

Fine, thin hair, both a curse and a blessing. Yes, a blessing!

I always try to find the positive in everything and I manage, with a minimum effort, to find the pros of also having fine, thin hair:

  • It dries faster than thick hair,
  • If you have fine, thin hair, it’s unlikely that you have frizzy hair too. On the contrary, fine, thin hair tends to be soft, fluffy and silky,
  • It’s easier to comb and untangle,
  • It’s very easy to braid and style.

If you find any other pro, please share it with me in the comments area down below.

My Natural Hair Care Routine to Get Volume & Strength in my Hair

 Fine, Thin Hair 4 Essential Tips to Get Volume & Strength in your Hair

The truth is that we are never satisfied: should we have thick, straight hair, we would like to have curly hair. Should we have curly hair, we would dream of having straight air and so on.

If only we could accept and love ourselves for what we have and for who we are. With a little bit of commitment and with the help of the natural remedies that Mother Nature gives us - and, believe me, she’s truly generous - we can improve every little aspect of us that we don’t like much, hair included.

fine thin hair natural remedies to get voluminous hair

Here’s above a photo of myself, dated a few years ago. Look at my hair! When I was a child, my parents used to always have my hair cut short, because my fine, thin hair was really flat and it did not look nice on me, resulting sticked to the scalp.

Getting back to the present days, it was only last winter that my parents congratulated me because of my beautiful long hair, the same hair that they insisted to cut short when I was younger. Life is ironic, isn’t it?

Hence, if you too have fine, thin hair, it’s not impossible to receive compliments!

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Next, I will share with you the remedies (actions or products) that made the difference for me.

Fine, thin hair: how can we recognise it?


hair is made of biologically dead tissue, so it’s impossible to nourish or to revitalize it, but we can polish, soften or harden it in order to give it more resistance to traction.

hair structure fine thin hairA hair shaft is made of three layers:

  • - the medulla (the core of the hair);
  • - the cortex (the most important part of the hair, where epithelial cells decide the color of our hair and where there is the highest concentration of keratin);
  • - the cuticle (the outer part of the hair).

If your hair is fragile, fine and it breaks easily, then you have thin hair too.

Moreover, fine, thin hair usually lacks of body, strength and volume & the hair looks flat on your head.

The volume and the strength of our hair depends on our genes, hence the only solution is to accept it for how it is and to look for remedies (natural - as much as possible) to strengthen it and to make the hair feel stronger, thicker and look fuller.

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Fine, Thin Hair: what are the remedies to get volume and strength in our hair?

1. A layered hair cut to give volume and movement

The most common hair frustration expressed among women seems to be the lack of volume in their hair. Having thin and fine hair means also a great loss of volume of the hair.

When I was a child, I always dreamt of long hair, but my thin hair with a one-length haircut made my fine hair look even finer and flatter. Long thin hair, if not properly layered, it becomes heavy resulting in a flat, limp and volumeless hairstyle.

Fine Thin Hair hoW to get volume strength in your hair

What made the difference for me, was the ability of my hairdresser (which it’s not to be taken for granted!) to give my thin hair a properly layered haircut (it was important not to layer it too much because otherwise it would have made my hair seem even thinner than it already was).

Remember that only a properly layered hair cut, long or short, it doesn’t matter, can lighten your hair, plumping up fine, thin hair to get major volume and bounce in your hair.

Blow-drying your hair upside down can improve the volume of your hair as well. It will add your fine, thin hair extra body and bounce. I talked deeply about my fine hair care routine in this video:

2. Henna - when nature meets our needs to strengthen and give volume to our hair

I will never be grateful enough for that particular moment when I decided to try henna and herbal hair dyes to dye my white regrowth (yep, not only my hair is fine & thin, my regrowth is also 75% white!). I was looking for a natural remedy to cover my white hair and I happened to find a natural remedy to also get more volume & strength in my fine thin hair.

henna natural hair colors beautilicious delights

You may purchase the herbal hair dyes by clicking here

How is this possible?

Lawsonia's (red henna) coloring pigments wrap the cuticule up and they chemically bond to keratin, filling the hair flakes. Therefore, the hair shaft becomes thicker, stronger and shinier. Lawsonia inermis is the only natural hair dye that can chemically bond to the keratin of the hair.

After using herbal hair dyes for so many years, my hair literally changed. Mostly because red henna lawsonia inermis is a real beauty treatment for fine, thin hair. It is a lot more delicate & gentle on the scalp than the aggressive and harmful chemical hair dyes. And mixing it with cassia & katam I get this wonderful dark brown color even on my 75% white regrowth. 

I share with you my positive experience with the herbal hair powders in this article: Dye your grey hair naturally using henna & herbal hair colors.

If you only wish to enjoy the benefits without changing the color of your hair, then you should use Cassia or should you wish to add more volume to your hair & yet revive your natural brown hues, then you should use Katam or Indigo

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3. Volumizing hair masks

Another discovery that made and still makes the difference for my hair are the volumizing hair masks. Thanks to their ingredients, they can strenghten and give temporary volume and thickness to my fine, thin hair.

In the video tutorial shared a few lines above I share with you my favourite volumizing hair mask that I use in order to get volume & strength in my hair.

But the latest hair mask idea, that accidentally popped into my mind while I was ironing the collar of a shirt, was a hair mask made using the classical rice starch, that can be found in every supermarket.

Rice starch has lots of uses, but the volumizing and strengthening hair mask is definitely my favorite one! It acts on hair as it acts on fabric. It hardens it and it makes it stronger and it gets a lot more volume in your fine, thin hair. It isn’t a long lasting effect because it disappears when we wash our hair, but I assure you that you’ll love it if you try it!

Strengthening Volumizing Hair Mask for Damaged Thin Hair

To make this hair mask, you only have to take a right amount of starch (based on your hair length) and then mix it with water in order to obtain a mix to be applied on your hair. You must leave the mask on your hair for a minimum of one hour and a maximum of three hours. I usually use this hair mask mixed with cassia on the ends of my hair (I usually apply it on clean hair), while I have my henna mix on my roots. I don’t use shampoo to rinse the hair mask because I only use the hair mask on clean hair. Hence I use just cold water to rinse clean my hair.

Make sure to buy 100% pure rice starch, without preservatives. On the ingredients list you should read only: oriza sativa starch. It’s usually sold in powder or chunk pieces. I'd recommend you to buy the powdered starch.

4. Which are the best cosmetic products for fine, thin hair?

Cleansing and styling products used in our daily hair care, can also make the difference.

To contrast the lack of volume and flat roots you should use hair products that contain vitamins, proteins and amino acids that will not "feed" your hair as some brands claim, but they will coat the hair, make it stronger, more resistant and add extra thickness.

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Choose natural and silicone-free shampoos and conditioners. If you would like to know more about the importance of silicone-free hair products, why don’t you watch the tutorial below?

The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

It is important that the products that you use for your fine, thin hair contain vitalizing active ingredients, proteins and vitamins. They will wrap the shaft of the hair to protect it and at the same time they will make your hair feel thicker and look fuller.

As I am fighting a seborrheic dermatitis, it’s difficult for me to use specific shampoos for fine, thin hair. I "settle" therefore with the Beautilicious Delights Natural Volumizing Spray that I love not only because I created it, but also because it doesn’t weight my hair down ( which is essential for fine, thin hair care), leaving it soft, fluffy and shiny.

Since I am an animal lover, I strongly wanted the hair spray formula to be vegan. I hence avoided any ingredient of animal origin, but still I managed to create a performing hair care product.

The Volumizing Booster is obtained thanks to the synergy between the organic hydrolized green walnut enzymes and the organic green walnut leaves extract.

The special blend of the unique ingredients of the Natural Volumizing Spray:

  • wraps the hair strands in a natural protective film,
  • prevents the hair cuticle damage and
  • helps in maintaining the necessary hydration
  • makes the hair look shiny and healthy.

The hydrolyzed oat proteins, another ingredient of the Volumizing Hair Spray, rich source of amino acids hydrate & coat the hair, providing fine hair with strength and increasing the body of limp, thin-feeling hair.

Hence, there is still hope for those of us having fine, fragile, volumeless and thin hair! Just don’t give up!

If I managed to get volume & strength in my fine, thin hair with these 4 simple tips, so can you! You can make your hair feel thicker and look fuller by simply showing it love and care. Just try these tips out!

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If you want, you’re welcome to share with me and with my readers, your love/hate history with fine, thin hair and your personal natural remedies to get more volume and to make it stronger. I love finding and trying new tips!

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