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Our story

Beautilicious Delights is a small, independent company located in the North of Italy, next to Verona, in the middle of vineyards & olive trees. It was founded in 2014 by Rozalia Chiru, a beauty foodie addict, an enthusiast of creating & using only really good & natural beauty and skin care products:

"It all started with Beauty Food Tips, my YouTube channel and blog, my means to share my daily beauty tips healthy tricks which could facilitate and help other people too. 


Day after day, week after week, month after month it became part of who I am and I wanted to be in the future.

I discovered in my late twenties, “thanks” to some skin & hair problems, my passion for DIY’s & natural products and I’ve been doing since then researches and lots of readings and studies on how to lead a much more healthier & conscious lifestyle.

I started encouraging people who cared enough, to become aware of what they are applying onto their skin and to start reading the labels of the products they're using.

That's when I started dreaming of my own clean, safe, natural skincare line, free of toxic ingredients which I could share with everyone willing to give it a try, people fully aware of what they apply on their skin & hair.

Feeling inspired by Theodore Roosvelt's quote: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”, in order to make my secret dream come true, I started collaborating with an Italian cosmetic laboratory, a spin off of the University of Bologna, specialized in the production of natural and sustainable cosmetics. 

This collaboration gave me the clarity and courage to launch my own skin care & hair care line, lovingly created by me.

In a second moment, launching the natural henna hair colors  came naturally as a result of the incredible number of views (more than 125,000) my video tutorial on how to use henna & herbal hair colors had. 

It was amazing & incredible to see how much impact that video had on viewers that were looking for a natural alternative to dye their hair and the growing desire to acquire more and more awareness of what they were using on their hair and skin."


Our products: what makes us different

Beautilicious Delights manufactures natural personalized cosmetics allowing you to customize your skin & hair treatments. Our cosmetics are clean and safe:

natural skin hair care products beautilicious delights

✓made out of natural, organic ingredients

✓free of: allergens, silicons, parabens, mineral oils, gluten

✓with vegan ingredients

✓with food grade preservatives

✓cruelty free

Each product is kissed with scrumptious fragrances, is allergen free, and unique textures that are sure to delight the senses & take care of your skin & hair.

A big impact on your skin and a small impact on the planet

We chose to use low-impact recyclable materials and we decided not to make a cardboard box for each cosmetic.

We use a particular type of enzymatic extraction, which involves only the use of water as a solvent and food grade extraction processes; 

spray ristrutturante capelli crespi

This innovative extraction method, patented and certified, allows us to extract:

  • not only part of the active principles as it usually happens when organic solvents are used
  • but the entire botanical phyto-complex.

  • This particular processing of fruit and plants is eco-friendly and less expensive since there are not necessary the traditional waste disposal procedures requested for organic solvents.

    This allows us to add a high concentration of active principles to our face creams and hairsprays, whereas the traditional cosmetics often contain below 1% of the active principle. 

    Are the Beautilicious Delights cosmetics handmade?  

    No, the Beautilicious Delights cosmetics are not handmade by me, but in an Italian cosmetic laboratory following precise procedures that require specific standards regarding the hygienic conditions in which a cosmetic product should be created, as well as the origin of the ingredients used, and the competence of the person certifying the safety of the cosmetic product.

    Why? In order to protect the final customer, the European Regulations do not allow to sell homemade cosmetics.  

    Our natural hair colors,

    the henna and the herbal hair colors, do not contribute to environmental pollution and their high quality makes them stand out from the rest of the herbal hair colors available on the market both as far as it concerns the color release on you hair as how easy and practical they result to apply.

    Unlike chemical dyes which often contain metals and other synthetic chemicals - parabens, silicones, ammonia, formaldehyde - which are not biodegradable, with the consequence that they pollute the sea and harm marine life, the henna and all the other herbal hair colors you may find in our shop only contain the plant dried and powdered. No chemical additives, nothing else but the nature itself!

    henné tinta naturale per capelli


    Our mission

    It all started with a secret dream...

    It all started with a secret dream, but our mission is always the same: to increase awareness (our and yours) and to manufacture organic, natural, delicious, but most of all effective cosmetics with a big positive impact on our skin and hair and a small impact on our planet. 


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