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Reborn in Italy - a rebirth project

If you have landed on this page it is because you would like to find out more about this wonderful volunteering, support and sharing project that is REBORN IN ITALY .

A project that I am excited and proud to support in my own small way and that I hope and hope to be able to make as many people known so that we can all contribute to the rebirth of these women, of these mothers put to the test by life. Women who show the desire to want to start over.


Mothers welcomed and hosted by La contrada social cooperative society to help them build a new life for them and their children.

How does "Reborn in Italy" help these women?

Through Olesea, the one who started this project and decided to give these women all her knowledge and all her experience in the field of tailoring.

reborn in italy amrita kids

He helps them by giving them his time and teaching them a new trade: sewing. It helps them by sharing with them its skills, technique, culture, education, ability, experience, awareness.

It is a young initiative, born in June 2018 and which takes place in co-working at the Social Tailoring of the Chieri Textile Museum .

Reborn in Italy is a voluntary project that finances itself through the items that women learn to sew and then sell.

The only source of income for these mothers is the products they sell.

Not having the possibility of having a warehouse, the garments are made and sewn as the products are sold online.

So by purchasing a garment made and signed by them, you not only buy a handmade and Made in Italy product but you buy a product with a strong eco-friendly social footprint.

reborn in italy eco-friendly fashion

Make a difference in their life too

All the garments they sew are made of natural fibers or pure creative recycled materials at km 0, garments designed by invisible seamstresses who are mending day by day their hopes for a different future, laying the foundations for becoming autonomous and independent in order to raise their children peacefully.

When Olesea told me about this project, without thinking twice, with eyes full of emotion, I immediately accepted to support this initiative by commissioning them to sew the garments in Beautilicious Delights fabric (there will be others too, apart from the towels for bamboo hair , I'm sure!).

bamboo fiber hair towel

Let's give our contribution to help these mothers regain the dignity torn from life's events, let's contribute in our small way to their ascent towards independence.

Do you want to give yourself a special gift or give a one-of-a-kind garment?

Visit the online mini shop of Reborn in Italy hosted on the Amrita Kids website. Help a mother in difficulty find her way back by giving her your trust with your purchase.

I did it. Aware that the proceeds from the sewn and sold garments go to support this incredible reality, this exciting project of sharing and support, which gives birth to ethical and natural products!

Who created Reborn in Italy?

I met Olesea at an event in Milan in 2018 and I was immediately struck by his troubled history that reveals a lot of courage, a strong will, intelligence and above all the desire to make a difference.

With a course of study in cybernetics, today Olesea is the creative mind behind the Amrita Kids brand, a brand that offers ethical and eco-sustainable fashion for children by offering handmade clothing in natural and organic fibers in the Superga Natural Park in Turin.

Olesea's strong desire to make a difference has made her go further and led her to create another small reality, namely Reborn in Italy, through which she tries to introduce mothers rescued from the violence of the world into the world of work , the sea and the road.

Supporting this exciting project is the entire Amrita team as well as Olesea. A host of professionals who have offered to work for free to support the project that will make a difference in the lives of some mothers and will, we hope, give life to an ever-growing movement in which women have the opportunity to help other women in difficulty.

Reborn in Italy - Reborn in Italy: mend life Beautilicious

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