What differentiates us

Highly professional performance products

using 100% natural ingredients and plant extracts from organic farming.

The laboratory, a spin-off of the University of Bologna, which we use to make our products holds a worldwide patent for the natural extraction of enzymes and polyphenols.

The particular type of enzymatic extraction used for the active ingredients present in our products involves the use of only water as a solvent and food grade extraction processes.

This not only makes the processing of fruits and plants eco-sustainable and less expensive, but thanks to this innovative method of extraction, patented and certified, we are able to recover:

  • not just a part of the active ingredients of the plant
  • but the entire plant phytocomplex.

    This therefore allows us to add a high concentration of active ingredient to the formulas of our products, while traditional cosmetics often contain a percentage of active ingredient below 1%.

    We are also specialized in the sale of 100% natural hair coloring and care treatments based on henna powders and dyeing and healing herbs .

    Pure beauty treatments for hair: 0% chemical additives, chemical dyes, silicones, petrolatum, parabens or alcohol.

    Our hair treatments contain EXCLUSIVELY dried and powdered dye plants. 

    100% vegetable powders which when properly mixed allow to obtain a wide range of high-performance and mainly non-toxic colors on the hair.

    With our herbal dyes you can cover gray hair with a mix of 100% vegetable dye powders. It is an achievement that makes us proud. A goal that certainly requires specific knowledge and a conscious use of dyeing herbs in order to ensure the desired results. Knowledge that we disseminate through the articles on this site and through the personalized advice we provide to our customers .

    Since June 2018 the dyeing and Ayurvedic herbs from India have also been certified organic by Ecocert with the COSMOS ORGANIC & COSMOS NATURAL standard. If you want to find out more about certification, you can do so by reading the dedicated article .

    Unlike chemical dyes that contain metals and other synthetic chemicals - parabens, silicones, ammonia, formaldehyde - which are not biodegradable with the consequence that they pollute the sea and damage marine fauna, henna and dyeing herbs present in our shop contain exclusively the dried and pulverized plant.

    The synthetic dyes, in addition to hydrogen peroxide, also contain Paraphenylenediamine, Parabens and Peg, substances that not only destroy the structure of the stem, but in the long run create problems of allergy and irritation.

    The dyeing herbs not only give our hair unique reflections and cover our white hair, they also strengthen and restructure the hair fibers application after application. They help in case of sensitive skin and with dandruff problems and give brightness and volume.

    Our products have been designed and formulated to have minimal environmental impact and each ingredient is of completely natural origin. Sustainability and effectiveness are 2 values ​​that are close to our hearts.

    Beautilicious Delights products are the result of love and passion for hair and skin care that is as conscious and healthy as possible!

    Take advantage now and start pampering your skin and hair! Live an authentic wellness experience with our products:

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