Strengthening and Volumizing Hair Mask for Damaged and Thin Hair

I am happy to share with you the strengthening and volumizing hair mask for thin, brittle and damaged hair that will make the difference for your hair!

In the previous blog post: Cassia: The Natural Treatment to Give Strength to Damaged Hair? I talked to you about Cassia, known also as "neutral henna", of its properties and how to use it.

Should you have not read it yet, I suggest you to do it, because it will help you understand the benefits your hair will draw from this strengthening and thickening hair mask, perfect for damaged, flat and thin hair.

Strengthening and Volumizing Hair Mask for Damaged and Thin Hair

If you want to use Cassia as a dying or highlighting hair treatment, it needs to be oxidized and acidified, but if you want to use Cassia as a strengthening, restructuring hair mask, remember NOT TO oxidize or acidify it. By doing so, you are sure the mix will not alter your hair color (especially if it's a light hair color) and it will make it more shiny and glossy.

To prepare a simple strengthening hair mask, you can use just one ingredient: Cassia. You need to add to the amount of Cassia you need & some warm water. The amount of Cassia you should use depends on how long or thick your hair is. You have to apply the Cassia mix on clean hair and keep it on for 2 - 3 hours.


my favourite volumizing, strengthening and shining hair mask

is a mix of:

      • cassia,

    • yoghurt,
    • rasshoul,
    • cocoa,
    • rice starch.

    The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

    I talked about the benefits of every single one of the ingredients above, both in the video down here, and in my blog post: Fine,Thin Hair? 4 essential tips to get volume & strength in your hair which I suggest you to read because, in it, you will find some new tips in order to give volume to thin and fine hair.

    I'm sure this strengthening and volumizing hair mask will make the difference for your fine, thin and/or damaged hair, too, because it will leave you voluminous, strong, gorgeous and glossy hair.

    The ingredients' doses are subjective, because they depend on how thick, long, strong are our hair. You don't need to add water because the yoghurt gives the mask the perfect consistency in order for it to be easily applied.

    It would be ideal to apply this strengthening, volumizing and shining hair mask on clean hair, to avoid using shampoo when you wash it off. I use it on my clean lengths everytime I use herbal hair colors to dye my gray hair, and I use only a small amount of conditioner to wash away the mix from the hair.

    If, instead, you use shampoo, the surfactants in it will wash away part of the volumizing effect given by the mask. But, as I always say to you, experience is the best teacher, so try each methond, and find out if you prefer washing the mask away with a delicate shampoo diluted with water, or with water.

    If you have your own favourite strengthening or volumizing hair mask, please, share it with me and with whoever is reading us in the comments area below!

    Your hair will only gain strength and volume from this hair mask for thin, damaged and fine hair. If you don't believe me, give it a try, and share your results with me. Thank you!

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