Hair Towel: Microfibre, Cotton or Bamboo Fiber? Which one to choose?

Have you ever thought about the type of fabric you use to dry your hair? Did you make an informed choice choosing a microfiber, cotton or bamboo fiber hair towel?

Or do you simply dry them with the first towel that comes to hand?

I'll tell you a secret:

using the right towel could make all the difference to your hair.

I'm not telling you that a miracle will happen and you'll find yourself with Rapunzel's hair at any moment, but you will surely notice with some astonishment that your hair could be less frizzy, softer, less electrified, shinier and I could continue to list the pros for a few more good minutes.

But which is the right hair towel?

Hair Towel: in microfiber, cotton or bamboo fiber

While we're at it, I'll let you in on another secret: being able to boast healthy, shiny and less frizzy hair also depends on what you use to dry your hair.

We pamper them with a thousand body wraps, spend plenty of money on hair care products and then use the first towel we find in the bathroom (most often cotton towels ) to remove the water from our hair before using the hairdryer.

Cotton hair towel

And don't tell me it's not true, that your hair towel isn't cotton. I have proof.

Some time ago, I did a survey on the instagram profile @beautilicious_delights_rozalya and you confessed it to me yourselves. Well over 70% of you use a cotton towel.

beautilicious cotton hair towel

And there it is..because it is a classic and the most widespread bathroom item. You get out of the shower and rub a towel over your head, trying to absorb as much water from your hair to dry it in as little time as possible.

Because there is nothing more boring than spending minutes and minutes attached to the hair dryer trying to dry hair soaked in water.

The mistake you make, however, is that by rubbing your hair vigorously with a cotton towel , you will get the final effect of electrified, dull and above all frizzy hair.

If you notice, your hairdresser never rubs your hair, but dabs it. Now you also know why it doesn't rub them and I invite you to do the same, that is to dab them gently and wrap them in a towel in the form of a turban.

A gesture that I assure you will make the difference, beyond the type of towel you can use.

But if the cotton towel doesn't fit, what can you use instead?

Hair towel microfiber?

The most popular alternative is currently the microfiber towel because it absorbs moisture from the hair in less time than the cotton towel .

But... there's a but! You know that I love conscious purchases and if I have the opportunity, I like to go all the way and investigate every single aspect as much as possible.

beautilicious microfiber hair towel

What is microfiber

so much used in so many areas and what is its environmental impact?

Microfiber is a synthetic-derived fiber (some natural derivation) generally composed of 2 polymers: polyester and polyamide (nylon) present in the sponge in percentages that can vary (20/80, 40/60, etc.).

In the textile field, microfibre is defined as a " non-woven fabric " due to its particular characteristics and because it undergoes a special treatment which allows it to boast a super absorbent power.

From an ecological point of view, unfortunately microfibre gives the same environmental problems that other synthetic fabrics give. Microfibre is neither biodegradable nor easily recyclable and is collected as "dry non-recyclable" waste.

Today I want to offer you something new, an eco-sustainable product that outperforms even microfiber . And like almost all the products that I offer in the online shop, this novelty also comes from my need.

The bamboo fiber hair towel

I've been using a microfiber hair towel for years that is now heavily used. Alas, years ago I too had made the most obvious choice based on what the market offered me.

beautilicious bamboo hair towel

This year, taking note of the general lack of awareness of the importance of the fabric of our hair towel, I decided to look for an alternative to the microfiber hair towel , a product that is equally performing but also eco-sustainable .

So I started studying the fabric market and its proposals and I literally fell in love with bamboo fiber.

What is Bamboo Fiber?

It is a natural fiber, in regenerated cellulose, extracted from the Bamboo pulp.

Fiber considered "Eco-Friendly", as the bamboo plantations grow spontaneously without requiring the use of pesticides, fertilizers or other chemical additives.

Bamboo requires very little water and improves air quality (it produces 35% more oxygen than other plants) and improves the land on which it is grown. Thanks to its very rapid growth, it allows harvesting every 2-3 years.

It does not pollute the environment and the resulting fabric is totally biodegradable because it is dissolved without releasing any polluting residue.

bamboo fiber bamboo terry towel

Bamboo fiber is highly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore , bamboo fiber is naturally hypoallergenic and antifungal and has a unique feature thanks to an antibacterial agent known under the name "bamboo kun" which is produced naturally by the plant and which remains unchanged even after countless washings.

From the fibers of the bamboo stem , a soft and delicate fabric is obtained that is breathable, antistatic, antibacterial, highly resistant to use and washing .

In fact, bamboo fiber is one of the highly recommended fabrics for newborns and is widely used in hospitals in operating rooms and neonatal sections.

In addition, the garments made of bamboo fiber:

  • they are also thermoregulators (they keep freshness in hot environments and heat in cold environments),
  • promote skin perspiration
  • they manage to absorb UV rays thanks to the honey pectin present inside.

Speaking specifically of the bamboo towel , it has an incredible absorbency , six times higher than the cotton sponge. Which means that it allows us to dry the hair in a delicate way, significantly reducing the mechanical damage caused by the hair dryer.

Needless to say I was hooked!

Especially after having had the opportunity to touch the bamboo fiber sponge by hand: thanks to its smooth and round structure it is so soft to the touch that it resembles silk .

On the skin, the bamboo fiber feels fresh and delicate and has a natural softness and shine both to the touch and to the eye that reduce harmful friction on the hair.

Offer you a bamboo fiber hair towel :

  • ecological
  • antibacterial by nature, 
  • antistatic to fight frizz
  • highly absorbent (tests have shown that it absorbs 60% more water than cotton and dries 20% faster than cotton)
  • super light and with a silky touch 

it was a dream, my dream, which has now come true. 

Why choose bamboo hair towel ?

I could have ordered the towels in China as almost all sellers of similar items do, but that would not have matched the ecological footprint of this product.

It's true, bamboo is not currently grown in Italy, so the bamboo fiber is still imported from Asia because there is currently no "made in Italy" bamboo fiber fabric . The only bamboo cultivation in Italy, in Sardinia, is only for food use.

But I wanted to know where the product came from, how the bamboo fiber was produced and processed and what it was treated with. In short, I wanted a safe product for me and for my family since the use of the towel shouldn't be reduced only to an exclusive use on the hair, given the innumerable properties of this bamboo sponge.

And my stubbornness paid off: I managed to find an Italian supplier who weaves and orders the bamboo thread at his Italian factory. Once the raw bamboo material has been made, it is sent for finishing to a specialized Italian dye house which washes and prepares the fabric for dyeing and for final production, before being cut and sewn. 

In addition, the bamboo fiber used to make the Beautilicious Delights towel has international Oekotex certification (including intended use for children) which certifies that the dyes used are not harmful in contact with the skin.

What makes the Beautilicious Delights Bamboo Fiber Hair Towel special?

In the end, I kept the thing that makes this product truly special: who gives the final shape to the towel.

bamboo fiber hair towel

Because it is not only a MADE IN ITALY, HANDMADE product but also a @REBORN IN ITALY - Rinate in Italia brand.

The Beautilicious Delights bamboo fiber towel takes shape thanks to them, the INVISIBLE DRESSERS of Reborn in Italy, mothers rescued from the violence of the world, the sea and the street.

Hair towel in microfibre cotton bamboo fiber reborn in Italy

This one-of-a-kind volunteering, sharing and support project @Reborn in Italy aims to reintegrate women into society who are willing to rebuild a new life for themselves and their children.

If you want to find out more about this project, you can do so in the dedicated article: @Reborn in Italy - mend life by learning a trade .

bamboo hair towel beautilicious delightS reborn in italy

I would say that at this point, I am not biased in telling you that choosing a bamboo fiber towel (be it Beautilicious delights or not) is the most obvious choice, but also the most delicate for our skin and for the skin of our children, for our hair and it is absolutely an ecological and eco-friendly choice.

© Beautiful Delights

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