Trichodynia: Can Hair Hurt?

What if I told you that it's your skin that hurts and not your hair?

Even if it seems to us that it is the roots of the hair that hurt us.

I suffer from it sporadically, but trichodynia is a skin disorder that can also become chronic over time.

It catches you unprepared and surprises you: you feel the pain on the skin spontaneously or simply by touching or moving the strands . A pain that comes and goes, a tingling that feels really strange on the head.

Sometimes it almost feels like someone is pulling you by the hair or the sensation is replaced by a strong burning.

The " burning scalp syndrome " or " trichodynia " in medical language, is a frequent problem that affects about 20% of women and 9% of men.

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What causes trichodynia?

To date, it is not known precisely.

The cause of scalp pain is attributed to an inflammation of the hair follicles which can be favored by various conditions such as

  • psychophysical stress or
  • poor blood micro-circulation.

Diseases such as folliculitis or dermatitis can aggravate trichodynia, a disorder that mainly affects those with an oily scalp.

Inflammation of the hair erector muscles can be another cause, especially when the hair is subjected to too tight combing. As well as a neuro-muscular hyper-stress of the skin induced over time by bruxism (tendency to grind the teeth).

How to relieve the symptoms of trichodynia?

Massaging the skin with a soothing and refreshing product such as the Prebiotic Serum will help relax the muscles and stimulate circulation. The blood carries oxygen and nourishment to the bulbs.

If, on the other hand, the pain is accompanied by itching, there is a need to purify the skin with dedicated compresses such as Kapoor Glow , a detoxifying mix based on Indian clay, kapoor, neem and aloe vera.

How are you doing? Do you feel itchy, burning and inflamed scalp? Did you already know trichodynia , a skin disorder unknown to most people?

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