Henna application: Clean or dirty hair? Wet or dry?

Should henna be applied to clean or dirty hair?

What if I told you that the answer will surprise you? Especially if you come from a background of chemical dyes. Between us, you would choose " dirty hair ", right?

I am ready to argue why that answer is wrong.

In order to bond with the keratin present in the stem, the lawsone, dyeing pigment of the lawsonia, must be able to overcome the scales of the hair.

If the hair is dirty due to sebum and has residues of styling products or has even been treated with oily compresses, it will be refractory to the vegetable pigment and it will be difficult to color it.

The sebum, dirt, oil film and insulate the hair making it "impermeable" towards the vegetable pigment which will only be able to penetrate in small doses, making the coverage of gray hair unsatisfactory.

So it's important to apply dye on clean hair , washed for 12 to 24 hours and above all remember NOT to use styling products in the meantime.

Henna application: Clean or dirty damp dry hair

Henna application: Dry or wet hair?

If you already know that you have a sturdy stem that is difficult to color, I suggest you apply it immediately after washing it, dry or wet, as you prefer.

If, on the other hand, when dry, you have untameable hair that is difficult to manage, I suggest you apply the dye mix to damp hair.

If, on the other hand, you suffer from cervical pain, I suggest you apply it on dry hair.

And for an excellent dyeing performance on your white hair, using the Beautilicious Delights scrub shampoo could make all the difference. With a slightly basic pH (compared to the physiological pH of the stem), it prepares the hair by slightly opening the scales and thus favoring the action of the dye mix.

Now, don't think that I have never tried to be smart and have never applied henna pack on dirty hair . Of course I did, otherwise I couldn't tell you my direct experience 😅, i.e. very bad result on my many white hairs.

Now we come to you!⠀

Confess: have you too succumbed to laziness and applied the dye mix to dirty hair ? But above all, how was the yield on your white hair? A dud or quite satisfying?

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