Henna Hair: How to carry out the test test?

Before anything, whether it's a ready-to-use herbal dry mix or dry powders that you need to mix at home, the very first thing you ever need to do is


Indeed, if you think about it, the very first test would be the skin sensitivity test : natural does NOT mean that the products are harmless and that you cannot be allergic.

So if it's your first time using a dry powder or dye mix, I strongly suggest you take some time to test it out. You can find out how to do it in the dedicated article: Henna for hair: How to tell if you are allergic

Once you pass the allergy test, you can proceed with the practice test .

I insist on the importance of the test test , because I very often receive desperate messages with widespread tragedies, which could have been avoided thanks to a simple test test.

Even if you're only making minor changes to your mix, it's important to make time for it, especially if:

  • you are a beginner with dyeing herbs;

  • you don't know the porosity of your stem;

  • your hair is clear;

  • your hair has been chemically treated (bleaching, lightening, highlights).

henna hair how to do the test test

But you may be wondering now:

How is the practice test performed?

1️⃣ Gather your hair from your brush or use a hidden lock of your mane;

2 ️ ⃣ Use about 10-15 gr of dye powders for the test test, so you can also weigh the percentages that correspond to 0.5 g;

3 ️ ⃣ Prepare a small bowl and a scale, you'll need it;

4 ️ ⃣ Once you've prepared and weighed your mix, add hot water slowly, until you get a yogurt-like consistency;

5 ️ ⃣ Place the lock on transparent film (food is perfectly fine) and carefully spread the dye mix so that it's completely covered in batter;

6 ️ ⃣ Then wrap the lock in the film and leave it in a pose (note well! ) for the same time recommended for the final application;

7 ️ ⃣Remember to pass the hair dryer every 30 minutes, for a few minutes;

8 ️ ⃣ Rinse off all the residues with diluted shampoo and let the lock dry;

9 ️ ⃣ After the pose, you can finally see how the lock of hair reacted to the dye mix and decide if you need to further modify the mix or prepare the batter and proceed throughout the mane.

If you want to save yourself all these steps, I'll leave you a screenshot below

how to test beautilicious henna herbal dye test

But be careful to keep a few things in mind.

Heat and humidity favor the release of the plant pigment and it is, therefore, essential to replicate in the test tests , the same conditions that you will use in the final application on the head, i.e. humidity, heat and shutter speed .

For example:

- if the double pass has been recommended to you, also on the strand of hair that you will use for the test you will have to perform the double pass respecting the recommended processing time, as well as making sure to wrap the strand well in film to keep the humidity high and you'll often blow-dry to keep the heat up ;

- if you have been recommended a shutter speed of 2h, even in the PROOF TEST you will do, you will keep the mix on the strand for 2h. This way, the shade you get will be as close to the shade you get when you go all over your head.

how to do the beautilicious hair henna test 1

Now you know all the steps to carry out a test test properly. And if you still have any doubts, I hope the video tutorial below will dispel them all.

I hope it helps and I'm sure your hair will thank you and I hope I have to read less desperate requests for hair with unexpected colors.

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