How to mitigate the smell of henna and herbal hair dyes

Is it possible to reduce the smell of herbal dyes on the hair?

I'll answer yes right away, but it must be said that the perception of the smell released by the herbal dyes is very subjective. Personally - years later - I don't even feel it anymore, but it's true that many people just don't like it, as there are those who love it because they feel the bond with nature even stronger.

How to mitigate the smell of henna and herbal dyes on the hair

Some dye powders may have a more pronounced odor than others and this may depend on the country of origin, the processing method and the type of plant itself.

Some dyeing plants, such as Indigo or Methi , have a much stronger smell than others.

Here, for all of you who don't particularly like the smell of henna and dyeing herbs on your hair , I leave you some tips to use following the next dye pack.

How to mitigate the smell of henna and herbal hair dyes

Surely making a diluted shampoo after the herbal dye pack to counteract the smell that annoys you so much helps

  • both to remove any residues from the skin and to remedy the itching that you would feel as a result
  • and to mitigate the smell of herbal dyes on the hair

Use in synergy with shampoo, a conditioner with the same fragrance that persists on the hair will make the difference.

I created the Color Protect line with an Ayurvedic herbal shampoo and conditioner precisely because many of you were asking me what to use to mitigate the smell of henna on your hair but which at the same time didn't drain the vegetable pigment.

Other tips to reduce the smell of henna and herbal hair dyes that can help you are:

  • do an acid rinse (1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 2 liters of cold water). Vinegar, also in this case, best plays its role as an ''odor absorber'';
  • use a styling product with a scent that lingers on the hair, such as the Hair Elixir spray , which not only conditions and removes that feeling of dryness from your hair, but also reduces the odor until the next shampoo;
  • use perfumed waters for hair (as long as they are not alcohol-based, otherwise the stem could dry out)
  • spray your favorite perfume on your hands , waiting 4 or 5 minutes for the alcohol to evaporate, then pass your hands over the lengths.

There are those who add cocoa, coffee, kapoor to the dyeing mix but be careful because the more you add the quantity of "scented" powder, the more you risk diluting the dyeing power of your mix and therefore the coverage of gray hair will also be affected.

I hope these tricks can be useful to you and I suggest you avoid essential oils, because it would take too much of them, which could irritate your skin.

If you have any other suggestions, please share them with me and our readers in the Comments section below.

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