Henna Washes Off in the Sea or in the Pool? Here Are Some Tips!

During the summer time, one of the questions that rookies to the henna and herbal hair colors world ask themselves is: in the sea or in the pool, does henna wash away because of salt air and chlorine, resulting in stains on the skin, the towels and on the bathing suit?

The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

Obviously, I will talk to you about what my experience has been with the henna quality I’ve been using for the past eight years and that you can find in my online shop. Every herbal hair color is different and the quality makes the difference in the results we obtain on our hair. 

Moreover, if you want to use red henna (lawsonia), remember that, very often, lawsonia may contain picramate. Picramate washes away a lot more than 100% pure red henna, and it also leaves stains. Hence, if you don’t wish to have unpleasant surprises and you don’t want your bathing suit to be stained, just make sure that the henna you’re buying is 100% pure.

In the tutorial above, I share with you some tips to prevent henna from washing off in the sea and to reduce the risk of leaving a colorful trail behind you :)

If, instead, you’re using protective hair oils, remember that oils are usually used to make henna wash away, hence a sun protective hair spray that contains vegetable or mineral oils, might facilitate the color release. But, most of all, remember to read the INCI names of your hair oil because many oils you can find on the market are silicone hair products, therefore made predominantly with silicones.

But I talked deeply about silicones and about their pros and cons in the article about the presence of silicones in our hair care products.

does henna wash out in the sea

Moreover, silicone hair care products can not only damage our hair (it depends from person to person, as I explained in the blog post I mentioned before), but they can also interfere with herbal hair colors release, because silicones film the hair and lawsone, lawsonia’s dying molecule, has difficulties bonding with keratine.

Therefore should  you decide to use silicone sun protective hair oils when you’re at the beach or at the pool… well, then now you know the reason why you can’t cover your gray hair perfectly or why the henna release on your hair isn’t satisfying enough…  

Personally, as I said in the tutorial above, because of my hair type (fine, thin and oily), I prefer avoiding oily hair sprays, and I usually include in my hair care routine moisturizing hair sprays like Beautilicious Deligths’ natural anti-frizz and moisturizing hair spray made with aloe vera and fruit acids. 

And, what about your experience with henna in the sea or in the pool? Did henna wash away in the water leaving a colorful trail behind you? Do you have any other tricks that could turn out useful for anyone reading this post? 

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