Sherazade Hair: DIY henna gloss

I'm sure the particular name has intrigued you and convinced you to want to look into it to understand what it is.

"Sherazade" - "henna gloss",

Two terms I'm sure you don't hear every day. Following the survey I did on my Instagram profile , I understood that 75% of the people who took part in the survey (more than 250 people) didn't know what it was about.

So I decided to run for cover immediately and reveal all the secrets of sherazade for hair .

Ready to find out everything there is to know about henna gloss ?

Sherazade Hair: What is it?

Sherazade for hair is to all intents and purposes a henna gloss or a henna mask , a pampering hair capable of emphasizing and reviving hair reflections, hydrating and "nourishing" dry hair, counteracting frizz.

Sherazade is therefore to all intents and purposes a hair wrap with an extra benefit: it revives the color of the hair.

If your hair is dull and dehydrated due to chemical treatments or due to the excessive use of hair dryers and straighteners, henna gloss comes to the rescue because it "nourishes" your hair and improves its appearance, enhancing its natural reflections and polishing it.

The name "Sherazade" derives from Shahrazād otherwise Shèhèrazade who is none other than the girl protagonist of the sylloge Islamic fable known as OneThousand and One Nights .

In the 2000s a henna mask with this name was marketed and once it disappeared from the market, it was re-proposed in the do-it-yourself formula described below.

Sherazade Hair: DIY henna gloss

Sherazade Hair: What does it contain?

  • Your favorite conditioner or hair mask (which replaces water)
  • The mix of dyeing herbs you have chosen to revive the color of your hair

Which dyeing herb to use in sherazade?

Choose the dye herb or the dye mix depending on the result you want to achieve:

  • To revive coppery reflections and provide brilliance: acidified lawsonia, madder or rhubarb
  • To revive the cold reflexes: basicized hibiscus, madder or henna and katam
  • To emphasize brown tones: indigo, katam, amla, kattha
  • To polish the existing color and treat damaged hair: cassia, methi, kapoor glow, orange powder, amla

    Sherazade Hair: How to do it?

    Weigh the herbs you want to use and add the conditioner that replaces the water.

    How much sherazade to prepare?

    The quantity of dyeing herbs and conditioner varies according to the length and volume of your hair.

    Sherazade Hair: Application

    Apply to clean, still damp hair. Make sure you have untangled them well with a wooden comb so as not to break them (the greatest damage is done to the stem when they are wet) and to prevent them from knotting.

    Start distributing the batter with your hands starting from the regrowth. Then distribute it over the lengths up to the ends (if you want to make the sherazade all over the hair) or you can apply the pack only on the lengths.

    Remember to wear gloves!

    Then you cover your head with transparent film or with a shower cap and a hot towel or even better, with a thermal cap.

    The heat favors the penetration of the active ingredients of the balm and of the dyeing pigment. Processing time: 30'

    Finally rinse, without using shampoo again. Remember to use a final rinse with a jet of cold water which favors the closure of the scales.

    The acid rinse can only be useful if you have used herbs with a basic pH (indigo or katam) or if you know that the water is very hard.

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    Sherazade Hair: Why "henna gloss"?

    In India henna gloss assumes the use of coconut water together with dyeing powders and coconut milk is used to replicate the "nourishing" effect of a mask.

    If it inspires you to replicate the original recipe, I suggest you do it only if you have particularly thick, dry and frizzy hair. A fine and thin hair would be weighed down by the amount of fat present in coconut milk.

    Sherazade is to all intents and purposes a henna gloss:

    • intensifies the color of your hair

    • reflects and revives the nuances

    • nourishes, hydrates and polishes the shaft

    Keeping the sherazade in place moisturizes and "nourishes" the stem, making it very soft and polishing it at the same time (thanks to the acid pH that almost all balms have and which therefore closes the scales).

    The fat content in the formula of each conditioner prevents the dyeing pigment from stratifying on the shaft but at the same time emphasizes and revives the reflections of the hair.

    Sherazade Capelli: Who can do it?

    Those who find their color dull and faded and want to brighten, give depth and/or tone their color.

    Those who have little time available but want to enjoy the benefits of a quick pack with dyeing powders.

    Who doesn't want to layer the pigment of herbal dyes.

    Those who want to revive reflections without running the risk of darkening the tone.

    Those who want to mask some white hair and lengthen the time between henna applications. It doesn't cover white hair but it can help make it stand out less.

    Those who want to pamper the lengths during the regrowth processing time.

    Who would like to experience the magic of herbal dyes without coloring permanently.

    Those who have chemically dyed hair and want to benefit from the properties of dyeing and Ayurvedic herbs.

    Sherazade and bleached hair:

    If the hair is chemically treated (bleached or with highlights) the TEST TEST on a strand must always be carried out first. Bleached hair has high porosity and a sherazade could still vary its shade.

    A bleached hair absorbs much more pigment in less time than a healthy hair. And it's just as quick to download the color.

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    Sherazade Hair: does it cover white hair?

    The sherazade definitely NOT able to cover a white regrowth that should be covered with a mix prepared with only water and dyeing herbs while on the lengths you can make the sherazade to revive the reflections without stratify.

    Because sherazade does not cover white hair: the fat content, of oils or butters, present in the conditioner films the shaft, which prevents the pigment from penetrating and settling on the hair. This also avoids layering. What's more, 30' of laying is very little to be able to color whites.

    Sherazade Hair: only herbal dyes?

    Sherazade can also be made with Ayurvedic, healing powders such as cassia, sidr, amla, methi, kapoor glow, orange powder. It is the ideal hair pack for those with dry lengths and a strengthening pack based on healing herbs only would dry them further.

    Sherazade Hair: only conditioner or mask?

    You can also use a hair oil (coconut, amla or moringa oil) instead of conditioner if you have particularly thick and frizzy hair.

    Sherazade Hair: what are the benefits?

    The hair is so shiny and shiny that it almost seems to reflect the light. No need to daydream anymore, because henna gloss will improve the appearance of your hair. You'll love it because it revives reflections and enhances natural color.

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