Venetian red blond with henna and dyeing herbs

Do you love copper, the color halfway between red and blond, typical of the Pre-Raphaelites?

If you start from a clear base or with lots of whites, read on to find out how to get the Venetian Red Blond with henna and herbal dyes

henna before and after Blond Red Venetian with henna and dyeing herbs

Filomena has been dyeing her hair chemically for about 5 years. She decided to take this path with henna because she was interested in finding a natural alternative to coloring her hair and my videos encouraged her to try this path and I'm happy about that.

Here are his opening words when he contacted me:

"I'm curly, light brown that with the sun they lighten in shades of blonde, without doing anything. I don't love red but I'm crazy about copper.

I've already set the lock aside for testing. Can you suggest me the links or steps to stop going to the hairdresser and have soft and shiny hair?

I've already watched several of your videos but now I'd like to put some order before taking action and be sure I'm taking the right steps with your help. I love my hair very much, I have a lot of it and I like to style it differently without even that much difficulty.

I also have to say that I'm careful with the products, with the diet and I'm satisfied with the results, and... I always receive many compliments. Thank you very much for your help and any advice you may have. I'm ready to switch to herbal dyeing !! ''

I advised her, for the results she wanted to obtain, to try 30% lawsonia, 40% rhubarb and 30% indigo and these are her final words:

''The result is optimal. Yesterday I re-shampooed and added Color Protect conditioner for thick hair to wet hair and then proceeded with styling. Thank you very much Rosalia!

My curls have definitely improved, very soft and fluid, however I always add the flaxseed gel to the dyeing herbs, and I also use it as a styling. Also, the hair is definitely shinier and healthier. Thanks again for your professionalism.

I always forgot to tell you that, while before when shampooing I was forced to use a conditioner immediately afterwards because my thick and curly hair was stringy, now, since I have been using herbal dyes , at the end of the shampoo, I sometimes forget to put on the conditioner , because they are already soft and this is incredible for me. Your Color Protect Conditioner I sometimes use for styling. Thanks again. ''

Grateful for having had his trust and grateful because he wanted to share the results achieved with me. If you feel confused about the mix of dyeing herbs, you can purchase the refundable personalized consultation and I'll be honored to be able to contribute to the well-being of your mane.

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