How to go from salt and pepper hair to a mahogany brown with henna

Do you start from a pepper and salt base that has a very "granny look" that doesn't convince you so much anymore?

Today I'm revealing Loretta's journey who, thanks to henna and dyeing herbs, obtained this wonderful mahogany brown.

henna before and after hair mahogany brown salt and pepper with dyeing herbs

I gladly quote his words:

"I am attaching these three photos to document the splendid result obtained on very gray hair . I had no intention of dyeing it with chemical products, I tried natural highlights, certainly good but, over time, useless.

I said to myself "might as well leave them like this", then... I discover you!!! At my beautiful age (sixty), I'm having fun mixing herbal dyes and then seeing the result.

As you can see from the photos I first applied the red henna (my husband was a bit puzzled, I didn't), then I mixed 60% Indigo and respectively 20% Cassia and 20% Lawsonia .

Result a little dark at first but, after a couple of washes, beautiful mahogany tones . Now I just insist on the regrowth for a while, decreasing the percentage of Indigo.

My hair, thanks to quality products, is shiny, healthy, the color is natural (I had natural shades of brown tending to mahogany) changeable in the light, the herbs mix very well''

Many would have given up before, but she - even if almost at that point - didn't give up and found the ideal solution for her hair. And I'm very happy to have made it possible.

What is your relationship with your hair, on the other hand?

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