How to Replace the Chemical Dye with Henna getting an amazing brown

Would you like to replace the chemical dye with a natural alternative like henna and get a brown shade?

Discover Donatella's journey and how she replaced the chemical dye with henna and herbal dyes with great satisfaction

How to replace the chemical dye with henna obtaining an amazing brown before and after

Donatella was faithful to henna for years, but after considerable white regrowth, she opted for chemical dyes. Today she has decided to try again with henna and these are her opening words:

" Now I use a dark blond that takes a lot, the result is a brown. As you will see, my hair is lightened by the highlights that I still have on the ends, and I did it to see less white regrowth. What percentages do you recommend using between the different shades ?"

Starting with a light brown - which Donatella could have modified later and darkened gradually, if this would have been her wish - I recommended a mix with 30% indigo or katam, 30% lawsonia and 40% cassia with 2 hours of pose. These are his words after a month:

"Dear Rozalia, I have been using your products for a few months and I am super satisfied with their quality.

My need is to cover white hair which I can do best with the recommended mix. I also wanted to even out the color even on the tips that had faded with the sun.

Then I tweaked the mix and applied 65% indigo, 5% cassia and 30% lawsonia. Held on for 3 hours. The result is wonderful. Perfect coverage of white regrowth, warm and uniform color. The mane is then more full-bodied, shiny, healthy and the fold lasts longer!

I never get tired of repeating that I am super satisfied with the excellent quality of your herbal dyes and with the ever-renewed advice I find on the social pages.

The testimonials of other users and the splendid results they obtain on their hair testify to the excellent work you are doing!

Your passion, professionalism, delicacy in giving advice and availability make you unique. I have recommended your products to my friends and even my hairdresser is interested given the results!

A big hug, thank you for the passion you put into your work and for the precious advice.' '

These words flatter me, but they give me the awareness that the road traveled in these years is the right one and being able to lead you in this world by holding your hand fills me with gratitude.

If you feel confused about the mix of dyeing herbs, you can purchase the refundable personalized consultation and I'll be grateful to be able to contribute to the well-being of your mane.

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