From Light Copper Brown to Hazelnut Brown with henna

Do you dream of a hazelnut brown for your hair but don't know how to get it?

Read on to find out the path Pamela took to get her greedy-named shade of brown.

It could prove to be a source of inspiration to introduce you to the world of henna and herbal dyes.

From Light Copper Brown to Hazelnut Brown with henna BEFORE AND AFTER

Pamela, after years of chemical dyes, has decided she wants to go back to her natural color and to do it in a natural way. Here are his opening words:

" I am writing to you for advice. For a year now I have been applying chemical dyes to my hair to obtain a light copper colour, starting from a dark brown.

I'm not even going to tell you how obviously I ruined them.. and although I love this color, I prefer to go back to my natural color and go and restore my hair with herbal dyes.

I must say that I was fond of that light copper I had but the reflections that henna gives are unique. So I thought I'd get a hazelnut brown. Will you accompany me on this journey? "

A precise goal, that of Pamela - who after my advice to make lawsonia for 1h and then 1h with 50% cassia and 50% katam - is back with this feedback:

" Super happy and not at all traumatized by the change, in fact, they are beautiful.

It took me a lot of time and a lot of energy, but it was like doing a self-care ritual. Thanks for your patience, really.

Apart from the fact that the hair is already fuller and super shiny, as I imagined, I recognize myself again. ''

These are the words that are good for the heart, and above all make me proud of what I do every single day.

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