Split ends: the nightmare of every mane

Raise your hand if you haven't had to deal with split ends at least once in your life.

I confess that the more I let my hair grow in length, the more I had to fight split ends because they ruined its healthy appearance.

Technically known as "trichoptilosis" , split ends are a hair alteration that manifests itself through the intermediate or terminal longitudinal fissure (double tip) of the shaft .

The weakening of the shaft occurs when the hair is particularly fragile and dehydrated, due to certain behaviors that accelerate the process of split ends :

  • brushing your hair too hard and with unsuitable brushes;
  • abuse of heat sources, such as plates and hair dryers;
  • abuse of treatments such as dyeing, permanent, chemical straightening and bleaching;
  • the chlorine in the pool;
  • sun exposure;
  • dry air, smog;
  • rubbing before and during drying.

The longer, more fragile and finer the hair, the greater the detectable damage to the distal portion of the shaft and, therefore, the more easily it will tend to bifurcate and create split ends .

split ends how to fight them

If split ends are the nightmare of your lengths too , don't despair.

Maybe it will comfort you to know that trichoptylosis is very frequent in adults and that in about 40% of cases, it appears together with trichorrhexis nodosa (another enemy I will tell you about in the future).

The only remedy to eliminate split ends is to trim the lengths periodically. I know it's annoying to have waited so long for long hair and then cut it periodically. But you have 2 solutions:

  1. aesthetically mask the damage of split ends with silicone-based hair care routine products , which act like glue by bringing the two ends together;

  2. prevent the formation of split ends by adopting a hair care routine that limits chemical treatments and minimizes physical and thermal injuries.

Obviously, healthy eating must be your ally in providing your hair with everything it needs to stay strong and healthy.

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