COLOR PROTECT shampoo - conditioner for colored hair: FAQ

I've decided to dedicate this article to the questions I've been asked most often in the last few weeks after the launch of the Color Protect line which includes 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners together.

Hair cleansing line that was born as a response to the needs that you have made me aware of thanks to the continuous dialogue with you via email, private messages on social networks and whatsapp over the last few years.

A single formula could not satisfy the needs of all the hair so with these 2 formulas we have married the needs of 2 types of hair :

  • fine and thin hair

  • thick thick dry hair

The formula dedicated to fine and thin hair is a light and moisturizing formula designed to give body and volume but the main prerogative was not to weigh down an already fragile shaft.

While the formula designed for thick, robust and tendentially dry and frizzy hair is a full-bodied formula, rich in oils and butters that hydrates and "nourishes" a "trimmed and hungry" stem.

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I have also dedicated stories on the INSTAGRAM profile but since not all of you have a social profile, I thought it would be useful to summarize your doubts in a dedicated article.

COLOR PROTECT Shampoo Conditioner for colored hair FAQ

Do I need to use a shampoo for colored hair?

Whether your hair is chemically dyed or dyed with the help of herbal dyes , it is essential to avoid using shampoos that can cause the hair color to fade/unload due to surfactants that are too degreasing or aggressive towards pigments (whether they are synthetic or vegetables) .

The vegetable pigment is even more fragile than the synthetic pigment present in the formulas of chemical colors precisely because it rests on and wraps around the stem.

While the synthetic pigment of the chemical colors is "encapsulated" inside the stem. Nonetheless, as you will know if you've used chemical dyes before, they still tend to fade and run out over time. The pigments undergo the same type of "external aggressions" so the color ends up losing its intensity.

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So do shampoos cause color to fade?

It depends on the shampoo! No shampoo completely removes the color from your hair (I wish it were that easy!!) but depending on how they are formulated they can definitely contribute to fading the shade and making it less intense.

Therefore, using specially formulated shampoos will avoid color dulling, enhancing its nuances.

What's different about Beautilicious Delights COLOR-SAVING SHAMPOO?

1. Mild surfactants

The surfactants used are very delicate and gentle both on the skin and on the stem. We have chosen secondary anionic surfactants from natural sources.

2. They re-acidify the pH

Some dye mixes based on herbal dyes have a basic pH, which means that the cuticles of the stem are open and the hair will be opaque if the physiological pH is not restored.

It is therefore necessary to use a cleansing product that re-acidifies the pH of the skin and the stem to close the scales of the hair And consequently fix the pigment.

3. Functional substances with a protective role

The formula of the "color-saving" shampoo / conditioner is based on the synergy between various functional substances with a moisturizing and emollient action and also on antioxidant ingredients which have the role of slowing down the oxidation of the pigment thus helping to slow down the color fading.

Together with the laboratory we have chosen for the COLOR PROTECT line a phytocomplex of green walnut and chestnut obtained from Italian walnuts and chestnuts through a molecular bioliquefaction technology.

The bioliquefied green walnut it is obtained during its balsamic period, i.e. when the nut is extremely rich in antioxidant polyphenols. It acts as a powerful antioxidant that can effectively protect hair and skin from harmful UV rays.

Tests on naturally and chemically dyed hair have shown an increase in their antioxidant capacity and therefore better protection of the pigment. The hair protection appears to last for 72 hours from application.

The chestnut bioliquefied instead it acts from the outside, "closing the scales" carrying out a protective action even during particularly aggressive treatments, preserving its hydration.

It is therefore important that within the formula there are also functional antioxidant substances which protect against free radicals due to UV rays but which also slow down the oxidation of the pigment and therefore the fading of the colour.

The COLOR PROTECT shampoo / conditioner formulas are rich in active ingredients whose role is to protect the color while keeping the hydration of the hair fiber high:

the ✓mucilages of organic aloe vera, ✓bioliquefied green walnuts and chestnuts, ✓panthenol (provitamin B5), ✓extract of fenugreek (methi), of amla, ✓hydrolysed proteins of QUINOA, RICE & SOY, ✓extract of Moringa, ✓organic extract of horsetail, burdock and blueberry, ✓niaciamide, ✓aminoacids.

How many ml do the shampoo/conditioner bottles have?

200ml. But you expressed the desire during a survey to be able to buy bottles larger than 200ml, so we would think about it.

Are Color Protect shampoos for frequent use?

Absolutely, they can be used every week if necessary and I recommend them especially after the herbal dye pack to remove all the residues of the dye powder from the skin.

There are those who prefer not to use any shampoo but often in these cases there is also itching and irritation due to residues left on the skin despite thorough rinsing.

I have never dyed my hair, can I still use the Beautilicious Delights COLOR PROTECT range?

When we studied the formula of these shampoos and conditioners together with the laboratory, we wanted a formula whose role was to safeguard the color but which above all was good for the specific type of hair.

So it's an excellent shampoo for frequent washing even if you have never dyed your hair who will enjoy the many active ingredients present in the formula and moreover, if they are fine and thin, with a tendency to flatten on the head, they will find new volume and shine while if they are robust, dry and tendentially frizzy you will be amazed to find them soft and fluffy.

I have chemically dyed hair, can I use the Color Protect Line?

Certain! The hair will enjoy the same benefits as hair dyed with the help of herbal dyes.

Should shampoos be diluted?

The formula is gentle on the skin and very delicate. Diluting the quantity necessary to make a shampoo in a special container helps us to avoid using too much product and certainly helps us to distribute the product easily all over the head.

It is important to be able to understand the right amount of product necessary for your needs because using too much product can weigh down the hair , using too little can result in hair not cleaned properly .

Is the COLOR PROTECT line certified BIO?

Both shampoos and conditioners are formulated according to the CCPB organic specification.

All four formulas contain organic ingredients but the products are not certified. The formulas have been studied in order to allow us one day (when the costs, which an organic certification assumes, will be justified by the sales volumes) to certify the product without having to modify the formula.

What is the recommended exposure time for the conditioner?

The recommended processing time is 2-3 minutes. The essential thing in applying the conditioner ( strictly only on the lengths ) is to identify the right quantity for your hair so as not to weigh down the stem.

Finding the right balance between detangling power and the risk of weighing down fine hair put us to the test but in the end the result we obtained was more than satisfactory. Seeing is believing!

The dark pigment of the indigo / katam therefore no longer drains?

How much the dark pigment discharges depends

  • from the structure of the stem,
  • how stratified it is and
  • by the cleaning products that are used.

Traditional sulphate-based shampoos (sls, sles) can be much more aggressive (it always depends on how they are formulated) and therefore the vegetable pigment is easily discharged.

Using shampoos specifically formulated for colored hair with delicate surfactants and functional substances dedicated to the needs of colored hair , it is much more likely that the dark pigment will drain less.

If you want to find out more about this line, read the INCI or understand if it can meet your needs, I invite you to read the product sheets which are very detailed. If, on the other hand, you have other doubts, you can leave a comment in the reserved area below on the blog.

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