Hair, Sun & Sea: Discover the New "Hair Elixir" Protective Spray for Brittle and Dry Hair

Finally I can reveal this novelty that many of you have been waiting for: the Hair Elixir Protective Hair Spray , ideal to use at the beach but also and above all during the year for soft, shiny and perfumed hair.

Protective Anti-Frizz Spray for Brittle and Dry Hair beautilicious delights hair elixir

In recent years I have already dedicated videos and articles on how to protect one's hair to avoid ending up with straw, parched and dull hair and this year together with the laboratory we have formulated this protective milk spray with a light formula, ideal for protecting hair from the smog in the city and from the sun and saltiness on the beach.

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Like the other hair sprays in the Beautilicious Delights range , this spray too was born from my personal need but also following your specific requests. Comparison with you is as always essential.

Who is the use of the Hair Elixir Protective Spray indicated for?

Thanks to its light formula, but at the same time moisturizing and "nourishing" , the Hair Elixir is indicated for all types of hair: fine, thin, normal or robust . Effective remedy for dry and brittle hair , it is particularly suitable for dehydrated and dull lengths.

Why does it perform a protective function on the hair?

Its formula with coconut oil, jojoba oil, linseed oil and carrot oil makes it the ideal ally on summer days in the city or at the beach to protect the hair from the sun's rays, salt and/or chlorine .

Exposure of the foliage to strong sunlight:

  • leads to damage to keratin (an essential protein for healthy and shiny hair),
  • attacks the amino acids present in the stem
  • fades hair color (both natural and colour-treated)

As I explained in the article:

SOS Hair by the Sea: How do the Sun, Salt, Chlorine damage them?!

hair doesn't get burned like our skin does, but that doesn't mean it doesn't suffer under the scorching sun. Just because they don't hurt us doesn't mean they aren't affected. On the contrary, at the end of summer they "always show us the bill" with parched, brittle lengths and dull hair.

The protection of the skin and the stem is essential to maintain a uniform color, preserve the structure of the hair fiber and protect the health of the hair bulb.

Unfortunately, hair sprays cannot have the same concentrations of UV filters as sunscreen products formulated for the skin. The result would be a hair product with an oily, sticky texture that would leave the hair greasy and weighed down.

Consequently, together with the laboratory we have chosen to use vegetable oils similar to the structure of the stem and containing intrinsic protective factors in the HAIR ELIXIR spray formula.

We have therefore chosen to obtain a light emulsion, which is also suitable for fine and thin hair, creating a unique synergy between the various selected vegetable oils:

coconut oil ,

one of the few vegetable oils able to envelop and penetrate the hair fiber at the same time. Its lipid chain of triglycerides is similar to that of human hair and sebum which allows it to penetrate the hair structure and make up for the lack of sebum where it is needed. Scientific literature indicates a natural protection factor of 7.11 for coconut oil.

jojoba oil

with a natural protection factor of 4, together with coconut oil it is among the most suitable oils for fine and thin hair. Chemically, it has the structure of a fluid wax, very similar to sebum, which facilitates its absorption into the shaft without leaving the hair greasy.

carrot oil

precious on the hair because it is rich in vitamin A, fatty acids and triglycerides. It is actually a leolith, that is the product of maceration in corn oil of the dry extract of carrot root.

The role of oils on hair

It was essential that there was a fat, lipid component in the formula of the protective hair spray because the role of vegetable oils on the hair is essential. Some vegetable oils manage to make up for the lack of sebum on the stem, especially on the lengths where the naturally produced sebum hardly reaches, which then leads the lengths to be dehydrated and brittle . Even more if exposed to atmospheric agents.

The role sebum plays in our hair is to lubricate and protect it.

Some vegetable oils can act as sebum substitutes (coconut or jojoba oil). They therefore represent that nourishment from the outside that manages to provide the hair with "a diet based on good fats" which compensates for the lack of sebum where it is needed.

Quickly summarizing, the role of vegetable oils on our hair is:

  • penetrate the shaft by "nourishing" it and acting as a sebum substitute , also replacing it in the points on the shaft where it was missing *not all oils can penetrate the hair shaft, only those composed of short-chain saturated fatty acids. For example: coconut oil
  • waterproof the hair (oils are water repellent) by fixing the hydration of the shaft and reducing the absorption of humidity.
  • make the hair shinier by increasing the adhesion between the scales of the shaft , leaving the hair shinier and more resistant. 
  • lubricate the stem making it easier to comb and smoother.
  • protect the hair thanks to the natural protection factor which varies from oil to oil.

But the formula of the anti-frizz protective spray is much richer and contains many other active ingredients selected for their moisturizing, protective and restructuring properties such as:

✓mucilages from organic Aloe vera, ✓panthenol (provitamin B5), ✓extract of fenugreek (methi), ✓hydrolysed proteins of QUINOA, RICE & SOY, ✓extract of Moringa, ✓organic extract of horsetail, burdock and blueberry, ✓green walnut and ✓tomato hydrolyzate, ✓vitamin E and ✓betaine.

In short, a synergy of various natural ingredients that gives the hair spray formula the UV protection that comes directly from nature : the substances contained in the natural antioxidants help protect the hair from the harmful effects of free radicals.

The role of hydrolysed quinoa, soy and rice proteins?

To keep hair looking healthy and shiny, we must have a compact outer surface of the shaft, to maintain the hydrolipidic balance and prevent it from weakening.

Hydrolysed proteins

they have a high moisturizing and fortifying power, revitalizing dry and stressed hair . Together they create a unique synergy that delivers hydrolysed nutrients to the scalp cuticle, fortifying the surface layer of the shaft. They perform a natural film-forming action , creating a protective shield on the hair. In addition , quinoa proteins contain all the amino acids present in proteins (therefore also in the keratin that forms the stem).

Molecular weight amino acids, high levels of cystine, cysteine, lysine, methionine, tryptophane, tyrosine.

The hair will be less prone to breakage, the frizz will be reduced, the general appearance of the hair will appear healthy and shiny.

Horsetail extract provides minerals , burdock extract is rich in soothing and sebum-regulating active ingredients, blueberry extract is rich in flavonoids, tannins, sugars, citric, malic, succinic and hydrocinnamic acids, as well as countless vitamins of groups A, C and B : extremely effective substances for the care and beauty of our hair.

Moringa extract is rich in anthocyanin glycosides, with a strong antioxidant power, in vitamins (group B, biotin, folic acid, A, C and E), proteins, mineral salts, including potassium and calcium. It moisturizes and strengthens the structure of the hair and has always been used to counteract its fall, providing the essential nutrients to prevent weakening and consequent loss. It also has a purifying and emollient action.

hair elixir protective spray dry and brittle hair

The pool of amino acids together with Vitamin E (Tocopherol, Tocopheryl Acetate) prevent premature aging of the hair fiber and help protect the hair from free radicals , performing a moisturizing and restructuring action.

Tomato hydrolyzate - rich in tannin-type polyphenols and lycopene together with green walnut bio hydrolyzate have a disciplining effect on dry, frizzy and treated hair. In synergy with linseed oil, they keep frizzy and unruly hair at bay, making it tidy and soft.

Organic aloe vera , rich in polysaccharides together with panthenol (provitamin B5) help maintain hair hydration for longer, strengthening it and preventing breakage.

Thanks to inulin and natural betaine , made up of amino acids derived from sugar cane molasses, the Hair Elixir protective spray performs a softening, moisturizing and conditioning function on the hair shaft, giving a silky touch and restoring shine to the hair.

The synergy created between the various active ingredients acts on the hair shaft as a moisturizer and conditioner, restoring the hydrolipidic balance of the shaft and protecting it from excessive tension and stress and damage caused by UV rays, smog, salt and/or chlorine.

How does the Hair Elixir Protective Spray work on the hair?

  • Fight frizz and dry ends, keeping unruly hair at bay and making it tidy;
  • Protect and strengthen hair, applying a restructuring action and defending it from UV rays;
  • Moisturize your hair, making it voluminous and full-bodied. It also helps with hair loss and weakening;
  • Defining your lengths, conditioning them and giving a silky touch to the stem.

Directions for use Hair Elixir Protective Spray

You can therefore use it on freshly washed hair to remove frizz or on dry hair to perfume your hair . And again as a strengthening wrap before shampooing to restore strength and vitality to your shaft or on the beach as a protective elixir to replenish the hydrolipidic film .

Used as a protective spray in the summer by the sea or in the pool, the heat of the sun opens the cuticles of the stem allowing the emulsion with its precious vegetable lipids and active ingredients to penetrate even better inside the hair.

So instead of traumatizing them, using the right product, we can protect our hair from the sun and benefit from it!

In all respects a versatile product, with multiple benefits. Find out if it can become your hair's best ally too!

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