Prevent Spots on the Skin of the Face? With these precautions it is possible..

Raise your hand if you are not afraid of having to deal with spots on the skin of the face at some point in their life, the nightmare that ends up "marking" our face for a long time, especially if not treated properly.

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What are spots on the skin of the face?

In a few simple words, spots on the skin are deep skin damage due to solar radiation.

Melanocytes are cells present in our skin which, with the stimulus of light and sun, begin to produce the dark pigment ( melanin which behaves like a real sunscreen) which normally results in a uniform tan, but which when they are overexcited and hyperactive, (presumably due to an inflammatory state of the same) produce too much melanin which is placed more or less deeply and manifests itself through irregular pigmentations on our skin. skin, which become the much hated spots on the skin of the face.

How do spots appear on the skin?

Skin spots on the face are particular dark, irregular patches, arranged above all on the "moustache" area above the lips, on the cheeks, cheekbones and forehead. Face , décolleté, hands are the most affected points.

Why do spots form on the skin of the face?

The reasons can be among the most varied:

  • the genetic predisposition,
  • hormonal imbalances (such as those caused by pregnancy - chloasma - or those due to taking the contraceptive pill) which can lead to the formation of melasma on the face,
  • prolonged exposure to the sun or UVA rays on the tanning bed without any protection or without adequate protection (which lead to the formation of so-called solar lentigos on the face ),
  • sunburns in the past,
  • periods of prolonged stress,
  • the use of cosmetic products or essential oils that can photosensitize the skin or the application of perfume before sun exposure,
  • the use of wrong cosmetics for your skin type can induce a situation of chronic inflammation that irritates the skin itself, leading to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation,
  • taking particular medicines that sensitize the skin of the face to light and sun,
  • the excessive use of aggressive treatments or exfoliating creams which lead to thinning of the stratum corneum which makes the epidermis more vulnerable to the action of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays.
  • last but not least: the smog. A study by the American Academy of Dermatology underlines how those who live in polluted cities are more at risk of skin spots.

    How to prevent the appearance of skin spots on the skin of the face?

    Once you have ascertained the reasons that can cause skin spots to appear on the skin in general and on the face in particular, it is also easier to apply ourselves to prevent them and also try to mitigate them in case to prevent them, it is a little too late ..

    If you have already noticed that you are genetically predisposed to the appearance of spots on the skin of the face, the ideal would be to avoid exposure to solar radiation completely because it is precisely and above all the long UVA rays that are the main stimuli for the neoformation of melanin.

    While UVB rays are mainly responsible for sunburn and sunburn, UVA radiation causes deep and irreversible damage to collagen and elastin fibers, contributing significantly to premature aging (also called photoaging).

    Rays that are present in all seasons and from which you can only protect yourself with a high SPF factor, there is no umbrella, glass or season that holds. If you don't want to find yourself with spots on the skin of your face overnight, the high protection sunscreen, 50+ (make sure it protects against both UVB and UVA rays) must become your best friend, in all seasons and not only during exhibitions on the beach or in the mountains.

    Steps to prevent spots on the skin of the face:

    • consume lots of raw and fresh fruit and vegetables, to give the skin those much-needed ingredients to fight free radicals also from the inside, not just from the outside
    • always use (not only on the beach and in the mountains) a protection factor on the skin of the face suitable for your phototype and renew the application from time to time
    • Avoid sun exposure between 11am and 5pm
    • always protect the skin of the face with a hat
    • take at least one month before exposure to the sun and for the entire period of exposure to solar supplements based on caretonoids, lutein, pignogenol (a polyphenol obtained from French maritime pine bark and which represents one of the most powerful and complex natural antioxidants ) which exert an effective antioxidant action, etc.
    • make vitamin C, the No. 1 ally to obtain a total mocking effect for the skin of the face together with sunscreen. As?
    Spots on the skin pomegranate antioxidant

    Applying serums and creams with vitamin C and high antioxidant molecules, such as those extracted from pomegranate and cherry, of the Beautilicious Delights antioxidant active ingredient before and after sun exposure, both in the version for mixed skin and for dry skin , thanks to the synergy created between vitamins C and E (with a protective effect for the epidermis) and the antioxidant molecules extracted with a particular enzymatic extraction , they help the skin fight free radicals and prevent skin spots as it is precisely the free radicals that trigger hyperpigmentation post inflammatory. Antioxidants are important for neutralizing free radicals, molecules generated by environmental aggressions that trigger chemical reactions responsible for aging and skin discolouration.

    You can learn more about the important role that antioxidants play in fighting free radicals and especially " which antioxidants help fight premature skin aging " in the dedicated blog post.

    And if the skin spots are already present on the skin of the face?

    Spots on the skin of the face are fought in winter, when solar radiation is at a minimum. If, on the other hand, it is summer, remember that no lightening treatment will give results if everything is not done first to "calm down" the melanocytes and if you do not give them a way to return to normal activity. Spots on the skin of the face cannot be treated by further inflaming the skin, risking worsening the condition of the spots on the skin (even if results are obtained immediately, as soon as the skin is exposed to the sun, the spots will recur ).

    How to "calm" the melanocytes? Simply:

    • reducing exposure to the sun and light as much as possible,
    • always protecting the skin with a good high protection sunscreen e
    • obviously also following all the precautions listed above.

    If well protected, the skin (the melanocytes) after 12-24 months (subjective period based on the history of one's own skin of each one of us), returns to normal activity and will stop overproducing melanin and it will also be possible to proceed make lightening and depigmenting treatments (strictly starting from autumn until the first months of spring). Just remember that the deeper the stain goes into the skin, the more difficult it will be to correct.

    As DIY remedies, I invite you to also read this blog post: " 2 DIY Face Masks (EFFECTIVE!) to Get Rid of Skin Spots ".

    With the hope that facing the summer with greater awareness can help you overcome the nightmare of spots on the skin of your face , I leave you with this video " How the SUN sees us. ." which warns (if it were still needed :)) about the negative effects that solar radiation has on our skin and how important it is to protect our skin with an effective sunscreen.

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