2 DIY Face Masks (EFFECTIVE!) to Get Rid of Skin Blemishes

'Whoever wants to appear beautiful must suffer' says the proverb! For me, however, DIY masks are anything but suffering, especially if I can finally reduce the hated skin spots and post acne scars.

Dark, red, jagged or rounded: skin spots are of various types and there are several methods to eliminate or reduce their intensity.

The ideal would be to be able to prevent skin spots , because 'prevention is better than cure' . In the blog post " Preventing spots on the skin of the face? With these precautions it is possible .. " I share with you the tricks I use to prevent the appearance of spots on the skin and what are the main causes that contribute to their formation.

But if the damage is done, there are various ways to get rid of skin blemishes using treatments and/or chemical exfoliants or specific face creams against skin blemishes.

It's all about identifying what kind of stain you're trying to get rid of. If your spots are due to acne lesions , then you've come to the right blog.


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In this post I offer you 2 DIY face masks, which I particularly love for their effectiveness and why they are easy and with ingredients that you surely have on hand in your kitchen.

If applied consistently, these DIY face masks can work in synergy with your anti-spot face cream to achieve visible and immediate results. To mitigate skin spots it is important not to rely only on the weekly application of these face masks, but also on the use of face creams which, thanks to their ingredients and specific action on skin spots , increase cell turnover at the cellular level, favoring the elimination of dead cells and hyperpigmented areas.

In the 2 DIY face masks that I propose to lighten post acne skin spots , I paid particular attention to their effectiveness thanks to the ingredients used, but also to their perfume, texture and pleasantness of use.

Why a DIY face mask?

Prolonged contact of the mask with the skin makes it softer and favors the penetration of the active substances present in its ingredients. Obviously, based on the ingredients used, each mask has its own specificity, contrasting various blemishes.

In the specific case of skin blemishes, it is important to use ingredients known for their lightening activity on the skin such as lemon juice or cucumber. With due consistency over time, I assure you that you can achieve excellent results especially on post acne skin spots .

Post acne skin spots: why do they appear?

The pimple, once healed, after having "ruined" our days with its unwelcome presence, leaves us with a dark spot on the skin, due to an overproduction of melanin. It is a reaction to inflammation, also called " post-inflammatory pigmentation".

General rules for applying DIY face masks :

  • carefully remove make-up from the face and neck
  • rinse well
  • dry the skin by gently patting it dry
  • apply the mask on the face and neck in a consistent amount
Always pay attention not to be allergic to one of the ingredients of the face masks you are going to apply.

      DIY Face Mask with Almond Milk against skin spots

      Necessary ingredients:

      DIY face mask against skin spots
      • 2 teaspoons of homemade almond milk
      • 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice
      • the albumen of an egg

      Almond milk , thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing properties, is sweet and delicate on the skin, mitigating the too aggressive effect of lemon juice (if used alone). Egg white contains a high percentage of water, protein and vitamin B, performing a moisturizing and astringent action on the skin.

      Apply the mix with light circular movements on the areas to be treated, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for 10 -15 minutes until your skin begins to feel tight and rinse with warm water, drying with a clean, delicate cotton cloth so as not to scratch the skin. Finish the beauty treatment by applying your anti-spot face cream.

      I leave you with the video of the preparation and application of the mask. Remember to activate the Italian subtitles.

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        I love this DIY face mask because it performs an excellent moisturizing and astringent action by acting on the pores and skin imperfections. In addition, it leaves the skin particularly soft and luminous.

        Cucumber Brightening DIY Face Mask

        Necessary ingredients:

        • 2 teaspoons of pureed cucumbers
        • 1 teaspoon of honey
        • 2 teaspoons white clay (or oatmeal)
        • 1/2 of fresh lemon juice
        • 1 drop of tea tree oe

        I leave you with the video of the preparation and application of the mask. Remember to activate the Italian subtitles.

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        Not only brightening, this DIY face mask is also refreshing, soothing and purifying. In a nutshell, the ideal face mask for oily and/or inflamed acne prone skin.

        Cucumber is rich in vitamin C, K and mineral salts and mixed together with fresh lemon juice and honey it has an astringent and lightening action on skin spots . It helps improve skin elasticity and even out the complexion. Working in synergy with white clay, it regulates sebum production and carries out a purifying action thanks to the antibacterial, antimicrobial and healing properties of tea tree essential oil.

        I advise you to remove the excess water that can result after blending the cucumber. You can decide the amount of clay or oatmeal based on the consistency you want to obtain. Considering the thick layer of the mask, the ideal would be to have a loved one help you apply it, while you are lying on the sofa at home. In this way, the layer of the face mask can be thick enough to enjoy the properties of all its ingredients, without the risk of it starting to fall apart around the house.

        Cucumber Brightening DIY Face Mask

        The extra tip:

        A detail that is often underestimated is the state of relaxation we should be in while pampering our skin.

        I am the first to do "n" things for the house while I have a mask on my face but it is essential to find those 15 minutes of total relaxation in which our body can understand our state of relaxation in order to better absorb the active substances present in the our DIY face mask .

        After application, rinse your face with plenty of warm water and then pat the skin dry with a clean towel. I love spraying a witch hazel or lavender hydrolate to help the skin restore its pH and with this excuse I also enjoy the scented notes of this 100% natural face toner.

        Skin blemishes can be treated according to their depth with:

        • lightening and depigmenting treatments - by consulting a dermatologist
        • laser / pulsed light - contacting qualified personnel
        • chemical exfoliations with an even deeper action - by consulting a dermatologist
        • with topical products, a less invasive, with a lightening effect such as DIY face masks or anti-stain face creams . They will give results after longer periods of application, but they are also much less aggressive with our skin.

        For example, the Beautilicious Delights Face Cream against Dark Spots available both in the version for combination / oily skin and for dry skin , it takes advantage of the lightening action carried out by fruit acids widely present in the plant world:

        • the tartaric acid present in grapes,
        • the citric acid present in citrus fruits,
        • the malic acid present in apples,
        • the enzymatic hydrolyzate of red grapes.

        Working in synergy, they promote a gentle renewal of the superficial layers of the skin with a gentle exfoliating and lightening action on skin spots : red, dark or pimple spots.

        Bear in mind that each person's skin is unique, with different needs, so even the reaction to whitening treatments and DIY face masks can be different.

        By combining the topical action of DIY face masks with the lightening action of creams specially formulated against skin spots , I'm sure you will be able to achieve visible results in 4 - 6 weeks. It all depends on how deep the spot is on the skin of your face. Obviously, the lightening treatment of skin spots should not take place during periods in which you are exposed to the sun. The ideal period is autumn and winter, when solar radiation is at a minimum.

        I love to always discover and try new DIY face masks against skin spots so if you have a favorite DIY face mask with which you have achieved fantastic results, I hope you will share it with me and with our readers in the comments area here under.

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