Lips to kiss? Even in Autumn with These Beauty Tips!

Raise your hand who wouldn't want to have lips that are always well-groomed, seductive and perfect to kiss ! Unfortunately our good and bad habits greatly affect the appearance of our lips, especially during the autumn or winter period.

But, I assure you that with a few tricks and the targeted beauty tips in this blog post, you will have soft and smooth lips in all seasons.

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I adore summer, the sun, dressing lightly, but I could never do without the autumn air that smells of roasted chestnuts, must and burnt wood. It's time to take your favorite sweaters out of the closet and take long walks on the multicolored carpets of leaves that have just waved goodbye to us.

It is also true that clothing is not the only thing that changes. Even the beauty routine undergoes changes. We have to start preparing our skin for this delicate phase of the change of season and why not, we can also take advantage of the mild autumn sun to get rid of sun spots and not, with DIY face masks and creams against specific spots .

lips to kiss in autumn

But let's not forget the lips , which, being covered with a very thin layer of skin, tend to suffer a lot from sudden changes in temperature, wind and very low temperatures in the autumn / winter period.

So just to protect your lips, to safeguard them and have lips to kiss in every season, I leave you these

Beauty Tips:

Avoid biting your lips , you only risk inflaming them

Avoid pulling on cuticles when your lips are chapped. Often when we spend time outside, exposed to cold winds and low temperatures and our lips are not adequately protected with a lip balm , the lips get chapped and dehydrated , leaving us with unsightly cuticles that we can hardly resist pulling off even if this often leads even to the bleeding of this delicate part of the face.

Avoid constantly licking your lips ! If you really can't do without it, it's the first warning sign that your lips need to be hydrated with a lip balm with a good amount of fat. The saliva only dries them out further.

Avoid exfoliating them if your lips are already chapped because you can only irritate them further. Apply a rich lip balm and be patient.

Exfoliate your lips 2-3 times a week to remove dry and dead skin. In this way the lips will be soft and will allow a perfect application of the lipstick.

How to exfoliate them? Gently rub in using a simple and delicious homemade lip scrub (you can take inspiration from video-tutorial with Italian subtitles available that I have linked to you below) or simply by rubbing your lips delicately and gently with a toothbrush.

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Remember to always apply a natural lip balm after exfoliating them.

Obviously the Beautilicious Delights lip balm is my favorite, little vegan beauty elixir, thanks to the blend of:

  • precious oils (such as organic argan and blackcurrant oil), 
  • butters (organic shea butter and cocoa butter), 
  • fruit waxes (grapefruit and lime)
  • antioxidant and soothing substances (vitamin E, organic lipophilic extract of calendula flowers and bisabolol, the active ingredient of chamomile)

protects, regenerates and hydrates chapped and dry lips, leaving them soft, full and comfortable for a long time, in short, lips to kiss !

Applying it is one of the happiest moments of the day because I love:

its delicate citrus fragrance that immediately puts me in a good mood

the soft lips that I find after only a few minutes from the application.

kissable lip balm

So the beauty tip that comes naturally to me is to always keep a lip balm close at hand.

It doesn't matter which lip balm you decide to choose to pamper and protect your lips. The important thing is that they contain a good amount of fat (of vegetable oils, butters and waxes) which will protect them from adverse weather conditions. Always keep an eye on the INCI : avoid lip balms with paraffinum liquidum or petrolatum in first place (you'll be surprised how widespread they are) which don't give real hydration! Instead, a good natural lip balm can work wonders!

And since I don't want to be the only one with delicious and irresistible lips :) for the WHOLE month of October , every order containing 1 face cream will receive the Beautilicious Delights Lip Balm for FREE .

What other better excuse to try the effectiveness of Beautilicious Delights face creams that you can also customize according to your needs with enzymatic active concentrates and also indirectly take care of your lips ? ;)

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Having healthy, beautiful, full and comfortable lips for a long time even during autumn or winter can be a dream come true. It's just up to you!

I hope my beauty tips for having lips to kiss can be useful to you, but above all that you will have the perseverance in applying them! Obviously, I'd love to know what your tricks are to always have beautiful and soft lips! Thank you if you want to leave a comment with your tips!

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