Henna and herbal dyes: 10 tips for beginners!

You are a beginner in the world of henna and herbal dyes

and maybe you've never even used a chemical dye?

I bet you feel blown away by the mass of information you find online and by the confusion that inexorably creates in your head as well as by the endless doubts to which you can't find an answer anywhere.

Well, you've come to the right site because I'm sure I'll be able to answer questions about henna and herbal dyes that you haven't even asked yourself yet. Do you accept the bet? :))

henna WHITE hair tips for beginners beautilicious delights

First of all, I suggest you read this really in-depth article on the world of herbal dyes: Henna: 19 things to know before coloring your hair and then continue with this video containing 10 tips for those who are beginners with henna , video which I'm sure will also come in handy for those who already use herbal dyes.

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I leave you a small summary of the topics covered in the video:

✔1:19 Brown Henna and white hair...
✔3:26 Lighten your hair… naturally?
✔5:09 Herbal dye batter - does it dry on hair?
✔6:20 Katam / Indigo pure on hair? Disastrous application..
✔7:43 Katam / Indigo: blue rinse water and colored fingertips?
✔9:01 Double step: should I do it if I want a light colour?
✔10:23 Green hair with dye herbs? The exceptions...
✔12:19 Replicate the color of chemical dyes with herbal dyes..
✔14:00 Golden reflections on medium-dark hair with dyeing herbs..
✔ 3.15 pm Healing herbal wraps: when do the benefits start to show?
✔16:20 After the application of herbal dyes, some white hair can still be seen… Why? What to do?

Covering white hair is always a sore point so since I'm also talking about it in the video, I invite you to read the dedicated article: Why doesn't henna cover white hair? Here's what you're doing wrong!

One last piece of advice that I happen to give more and more via email concerns the coverage of gray hair found on the temples, sideburns and forehead. White hair visibly less porous and thicker than other white hair that has difficulty coloring either because due to the position where it is difficult to find the batter remains moist, or because it is more color resistant. But there is a trick that WORKS!

Try using pads on the temples and forehead where the batter is likely to dry out Of cotton (that the ones used to remove make-up are fine!) moistened. On pp place them under the shower cap / film on the forehead / temples where you have noticed that your white hair is struggling to color. The cotton pads help keep the area moist, promoting color release. Try it and let me know! ;)

And since green hair dreads run high, here's what not to do if you don't want to end up with weird highlights in your hair!

And in case you missed it, I leave you the link to the INDEX of the blog where you will find a list of all the topics covered and which, after careful reading and study, will allow you to make a conscious use of henna and herbal dyeing and more.

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