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Walnut Husk - Natural Brown or Brown Tone Hair Reflector

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Walnut hull

INCI: Juglans Regia Shell Powde r

Country of origin: Morocco

Packaging: 100grams

Walnut husk powder, tested for pesticides and heavy metals. Bacterial Load Killed, Absence of Pathogens Confirmed.

Reflective. Polishing. Disciplinary

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Walnut husk powder

it is the perfect natural highlight herb for gifting

  • hot or cold reflections to your light hair,
  • brown shades to medium-light hair
  • brown tones to your brown hair .

It is the safe and healthy alternative to delicately color your hair (whites included).

Walnut Mallo powder can be mixed with other dyeing herbs , indeed we recommend its use together with other dyeing herbs to achieve the desired shade according to your needs.

Walnut hull powder is indicated for obtaining various shades enriched with intense reflections. Reflections ranging from brown to brown based on the starting color and the dye mix used.

Walnut hull powder is a reflective herb that manages to cover white hair permanently when used together with other dyeing herbs, giving the hair intense, unique shades.

The shade achieved can be intensified by layering the pigment until more or less visible reflections are achieved based on the starting colour.

Using walnut hull powder combined with lawsonia or katam/indigo in your mix you can obtain a more or less dark/chocolate shade based on the percentages of dyeing herbs you use in your mix.

What differentiates us? The quality!

Our Walnut Husk powder is 100% pure, of the best quality on the market, ensuring maximum reflecting power on your hair!

Unlike chemical dyes that irreparably change the structure of the hair by penetrating the shaft and making it rough and dull, the reflective pigment of the Walnut Husk powder combined with the coloring pigments of the other herbal dyes allows you to create your own unique colour, with unique reflections and exceptional.

100% pure herb, with the maximum reflective capacity for women with unique and natural shades of hair. In addition, the Walnut Mallo powder leaves the hair strengthened, voluminous and shiny and purifies the scalp. Quick and easy application for a unique color with a professional result!

Like all other herbal dyes , Walnut Husk powder also takes care of your scalp while reflecting and coloring your hair.

The dust of Walnut husk has antifungal and antibacterial properties which:

  • they sanitize and purify the skin
  • restore the pH of the scalp
  • they promote hair growth.

The dust of Walnut hull , more than a natural hair dye with intense reflections!

More than just a natural hair dye : a real beauty treatment for all hair types. Constant use helps in the long run to counteract the impoverishment of the stem and the weakening of the crown.

Strengthen, repair and color your hair!

The dust of Walnut hull :

  • it also has a powerful sebum-balancing and anti-dandruff action
  • makes the hair full-bodied, strong and shiny.

Use the powder of Walnut hull to obtain beautiful and radiant hair with unique reflections!


Available in packs of 100g

Ingredients: Juglans Regia Shell Powde r

100% without chemical additives or any other ingredient not indicated in the ingredients list

Walnut husk powder, tested for pesticides and heavy metals. Bacterial Load Killed, Absence of Pathogens Confirmed.

The walnut hull is the fleshy part of the walnut fruit (Juglans regia L.): that is, the internal coating of the peel that surrounds the walnuts (the part that grandmothers use to make nocino).

The pulp of the walnut (the pericarp) or walnut hull, when ripe has a green color which darkens over time, turning brown due to the tannins it contains.

Dried and ground, the walnut husk creates a dark colored powder that can be used to color hair as well as fabrics or surfaces.

Belonging to the Juglandaceae family, Walnut Mallo powder is rich in tannins and flavonoids.


    Note well!

    Walnut hull powder should only be used AFTER doing a test on a hidden lock of hair. Thanks to its dyeing capabilities, it can radically change the color of light and/or blonde hair.

      How to use

      For external use only.

      Quick and easy application for an intense color with a professional result !

      • Carry out a test on a hidden strand, before proceeding on the whole hair in order to avoid an unwelcome color.
      • Perform the skin sensitivity test in the crook of the arm 48 hours before application. In predisposed subjects, an allergic reaction is always possible even if the product is natural

      Quantity to use:

      - for short hair : approximately 30-50g of mix

      - for long hair : between 100g and 200g of mix

      - only for white regrowth : approximately 60-70g of mix


      Please note:

      The walnut hull does not have a dyeing pigment capable of intense coloring, but only provides a slight reflecting power which allows you to accentuate reflections with brown, hazelnut and chocolate tones.

      ✓ Weigh the quantity of the dye mix based on the volume and length of the hair.

      ✓ Use the walnut husk powder together with other dyeing herbs only after having done a test on a hidden lock of hair.

      Using it in a mix with lawsonia, the hold on the hair is more durable and prolonged over time. The walnut hull powder manages to slightly dampen the typical coppery color of the lawsonia, bringing the coppery brown color with amber tones

      ✓Add warm tap water and mix until you get a thick, yoghurt-like consistency batter.

      ✓ Immediately apply the mix obtained on clean hair , using gloves.

      ✓ Cover your head with cling film and a wool hat.

      ✓ Processing time: The processing time must be decided on the basis of the color tone to be obtained and the dye mix to be used. The exposure time can vary from 30 minutes up to 2 hours.

      ✓Rinse. Use a small amount of diluted eco-bio shampoo to remove any residues from the scalp and use a small amount of conditioner on the lengths.

      ✓ Always do a final rinse with cold water and vinegar to fix the color better, close the scales of the hair and to regain a shiny and fluffy hair. 

      READ ALSO: Preparation and Application of Henna and Dyeing Herbs: the Complete Guide

      We do not recommend the use of pure walnut husk powder for coloring your hair, as the pigment would not be able to stick to the hair structure and the final result would be too bland.

      Excellent instead when added to mixtures composed of Lawsonia and Katam or Lawsonia and Indigo, to emphasize the hazelnut nuances, while giving volume and structure to the hair thanks to its reinforcing and polishing properties.

      Close the bag tightly after use. Keep it out of the reach of children. Store it away from air, heat, light and moisture.

      Please note:

      Walnut Husk should only be used AFTER having done a test on a hidden lock of hair.

      Use the Walnut Husk to get a shiny hair with unique reflections!


      Creative Advice

      Walnut hull powder has a rather mild dyeing power,

      it is still a reflective and not a dyeing plant . Its pigment tends to discharge with washing so it is rarely chosen to use it pure and its use together with dyeing plants (lawsonia, katam or indigo, madder, hibiscus or henna) is recommended.

      Regardless of the dye mix, the mixture should be applied to the hair only AFTER having done a test on a hidden lock of hair .

      Walnut husk powder

      It does NOT permanently color white hair, it reflects them with a warm cinnamon-like shade. Used in a mix with other dyeing herbs, it can help to obtain various shades starting from shades that turn to ash on light hair up to brown, cold tones on medium-dark hair.

      Excellent to use together with lawsonia to contrast its specific orange tone and to make it change to a less bright shade, which goes on a warm, amber brown.

      On dark hair it is more difficult to see its reflections unless it is used in dye mixes to cover white hair . Even in this case, its nuances will be more noticeable on the lighter shades.

      The dust of

      Walnut hull

      it's still a reflective herb, so despite its high dyeing capabilities it's NOT a permanent dyeing grass like lawsonia (red henna) . So unlike lawsonia it doesn't color your hair permanently, the color is long-lasting but the color will fade slowly over time with various washes. Its duration on the hair also always depends on the porosity of the hair.

      On particularly dry hair, it is recommended to replace the water in the dyeing batter with linseed gel:

      To optimize the coverage and duration of the color on white hair , also based on the shade you want to obtain, it can be combined with lawsonia (the percentages will vary according to the desired final shade and the starting base).

      To dilute its dyeing power on light hair, you can always resort to cassia or sidr .

      It is possible to create unique blends of herbs to obtain splendid new colors with natural reflections for each application.

        Use Walnut Hull powder to get beautiful and radiant hair with unique reflections!


        Frequent questions:

        Who is Walnut Mallo powder ideal for ?

        For those who want to tone down the lawsonia tones to obtain brown tones with less coppery reflections

        Does walnut husk powder color white hair?

        It does not color them permanently when used as a single powder in the application. Gives an amber cinnamon shade.

        Is the shade obtained with the Walnut Husk powder permanent on the hair?

        No, the Walnut Hull powder is a reflective herb, not a dyeing herb. So it is not permanent on hair, it washes off but still stays on hair quite long when used together with lawsonia.

        How do I decide how long to leave Walnut Mallo powder on ?

        The processing time must be decided on the basis of the shade of color to be obtained and the dye mix to be used. The exposure time can vary from 15-30 minutes up to 2h. The longer it stays on, the more intense the color will be. If there is a need to color white hair, processing times can be up to 3 hours.

        ************************************************** *************************************

        Recommended for:

        tone down the orange tones of lawsonia

        color white, gray hair together with other dyeing herbs

        cool brown tones

        give shine to dull hair

        ************************************************** *************************************


        - Reflective grass, not dry cleaners

        - Gives tone-on-tone nuances

        ************************************************** *************************************


        ✓ Reflective

        ✓ Polishing

        ✓ Conditioning

        ✓ Strengthening

        ************************************************** *************************************


        - 100% pure reflective herb

        - Premium quality

        - Free of ammonia, metal salts, peroxides, picramate

        - Fine talc consistency

        - Easy to apply and rinse off

        ************************************************** *************************************

        Experiment! dare! Customize! Make your hair bloom!

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