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SPIRULINA GLOW Remineralizing Restructuring Hair Pack

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Do you dream of thicker and more robust hair?


is a hair pack with soothing, protective and restructuring active ingredients, which leaves the scalp fresh and the hair revitalised.

The mix can also be used to ✓rebalance the natural pH of the skin and to ✓find more elastic and resistant hair .

 Bacterial Charge Destroyed

Remineralizing. Protective. Elasticising.

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The Spirulina Glow Mix

is a mixture based on:

- spirulina algae powder, horsetail, cocoa and rosemary, powders with a high content of mineral salts

- baobab, soy and marshmallow powder with moisturizing, soothing and elasticising action that help the hair regain volume and lightness.

The Spirulina Glow mix

it is recommended for all types of hair, especially for fine, brittle, dry, damaged, dull hair.

The Spirulina Glow wrap

  • performs a soothing and calming action on the skin
  • normalizes the production of sebum in case of oily skin
  • performs an antibacterial and anti-dandruff action
  • revitalizes the scalp
  • brightens the hair
  • makes thin hair more full-bodied and manageable
  • restores strength, shine and manageability to damaged hair
  • gives greater elasticity to the stem

With a remineralizing and elasticising action, the Spirulina Glow hair pack has a soothing action on the scalp and a protective action on the stem . Thanks to the high percentage of minerals, its constant use gives greater elasticity to brittle and brittle hair.

The Spirulina Glow mix

it is the perfect wrap to strengthen and restructure even damaged and weakened hair.

The spirulina algae, cocoa, horsetail and rosemary powders, with a high concentration of mineral salts, act on the hair fiber with a remineralizing effect. Thanks to the synergy created between marshmallow and baobab powder , rich in mucilage, the Spirulina Glow mix moisturizes and softens the hair, giving volume and shine.

You will discover a new ally for your hair in the Spirulina Glow Mix. By providing many essential nutrients, it manages to refresh and tone the scalp, leaving the hair bright, fresh and light.

With astringent properties, the Spirulina Glow mix performs a delicate sebum-regulating activity on the scalp and gives shine to the hair without weighing it down.

What differentiates us? The quality!

The Spirulina Glow mix is ​​100% pure, leaving hair shiny, clean and bouncy.

The Spirulina Glow Mix has a soothing effect on the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed. Thanks to its conditioning and remineralizing action on the lengths, it is the perfect ally for weekly use.

    Use the Spirulina GLOW mix for strong and shiny hair !


    Available in packs of 100g

    Bacterial Load Killed, Absence of Pathogens Confirmed


    Althaea Officinalis Root Powder, Glycine Max Seed Powder, Spirulina Platensis Powder, Equisetum Arvense Herb Powder, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Powder, Adansonia Digitata Fruit Powder, Theobroma Cacao Seed Powder

    100% without chemical additives or any other ingredient not indicated in the ingredients list

    Spirulina algae as protagonist

    Spirulina algae gives volume, thickness and shine to the hair, toning the scalp and leaving the lengths soft. The rich content in protein , iron and vitamins, on the other hand, allows the stem to become stronger and not break. Finally, it restores the natural pH of the scalp!

    In synergy with :


    Rich in fatty acids and mineral salts, an excellent ally for lifeless and dull hair. This ingredient creates a protective film around the hair and protects it from external factors. Its best qualities, however, are the moisturizing and soothing ones!

    *the horsetail

    We are talking about a plant that stimulates the scalp and regulates the production of sebum. The mineral salts present inside act on the hair fiber with a remineralizing and strengthening effect.


    You certainly know cocoa, a set of vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids . The action it performs is elasticising and fortifying at the same time, capable of regenerating tired hair . Plus, it helps prevent hair damage, making it more bouncy and resilient!


    Rich in active ingredients, rosemary, a valid ally of the oily scalp, rebalances the natural pH of the skin, has an antifungal and antibacterial action. In addition, it has a stimulating and reinforcing action.

    *baobab and marshmallow

    Both moisturizing, soothing and elasticizing; rich in mucilage, vitamins and amino acids with an emollient, nourishing and protective effect; contrast split ends and external agents.

    The Spirulina Glow mix

    the wrap for thicker, thicker and brighter hair!

          How to use

          For external use ONLY.

          Perform the skin sensitivity test in the crook of the arm 48 hours before application. In predisposed subjects, an allergic reaction is always possible even if the product is 100% natural.

          Note well!

          It should be used on light or bleached hair only after doing a test on a hidden strand of hair.

          Even if it does not contain dye molecules, it can vary the color of light or chemically treated hair, slightly darkening it.

          QUANTITY TO USE:

          Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, use approximately:

          20grams short hair / 40grams long hair
            ADVICE ON USE:
            • Add flush with linseed gel or hot katira gel to allow the powder to absorb it.
            • Stir vigorously to obtain a homogeneous mixture with the consistency of yoghurt
            • If you create lumps, you can also use an immersion blender
            • The hydration time of the powders, in the case of dry, brittle and dehydrated hair, is at least 30/60 minutes; otherwise proceed with the application after 5-10' of laying, as soon as the mucilages are released;
            • Spread and massage the batter gently on the scalp and roots for a few minutes
            • Then spread the remaining quantity of the batter on the lengths to take advantage of the remineralizing and elasticizing properties of the Spirulina GLOW mix
            • The mix can be left on for a maximum of 20-30 minutes by covering the head with transparent film and a wool cap/thermal cap to avoid catching cold
            • Once the processing time is over, rinse thoroughly with cold water
            • Use a small amount of balm on the lengths and always rinse with cold water and vinegar for a shiny and fluffy hair.

            Recommended synergies:

            Depending on your needs, you can consider adding to the mix:

            • some honey - for particularly dry hair
            • of aloe gel - to enhance the moisturizing effect on the skin
            • 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil or
            • based on the need you have: 1 drop of tea-tree essential oil - to strengthen the purifying, antibacterial activity , 1 drop of rosemary, lemon or sage essential oil - for oily skin
            • moringa vegetable oil for a nourishing effect on the skin
            • of hydrated fenugreek gel 

              Close the bag tightly after use. Keep out of reach of children. Store away from air, heat, light and moisture.

              READ ALSO the in-depth article on how to wash hair with SIDR: Sidr, the natural shampoo for hair: preparation and beneficial uses

              Use the Spirulina GLOW mix for strong and shiny hair !  

              ************************************************** *************************************

              Recommended for:

              the care of brittle and dull hair

              the care of sensitive and irritated skin

              give strength and volume to thin and fragile hair

              strengthen brittle hair

              purify the skin

              ************************************************** *************************************



              ✓ Elasticising

              ✓ Volumizing

              ✓ Antibacterial

              ✓ Strengthening

              ✓ Soothing

              ************************************************** *************************************


              - 100% pure mix

              - Premium quality

              - Fine talc consistency

              - Easy to apply and rinse off

              ************************************************** *************************************

              Experiment! dare! Customize! Make your hair bloom!

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