3 DIY Scrub for Oily, Dry and Itchy Scalp

I'm sure that by insisting on how important it is to consciously take care of our scalp , I'll be able to get the message across that the health of our hair STARTS from the skin . Skin that needs to be taken care of just like we do with the skin of the face and body.

The scalp scrub exfoliates and removes dead cells, smog and all the residues of the products used in the daily hair care routine.

3 DIY Scrub for Oily, Dry and Itchy Scalp

It is essential because thanks to the exfoliation that is carried out it allows to oxygenate the hair bulbs and to prevent dandruff.

In addition, the massage performed during the scrub reactivates the subcutaneous microcirculation, necessary for the correct oxygenation of the tissues and favoring the birth of healthy and beautiful hair.

On the shop you will find the Shampoo Scrub that you can use every month both if you have healthy skin for a deep "cleansing" and in case of problematic scalps.

As I mentioned in the article dedicated to the in- depth analysis dedicated to scalp scrubs, it would therefore be a good habit to use a scrub on the scalp even once a week to detoxify it by eliminating toxins, impurities and dead cells.

For this you can use


a blend of kapoor kachli powder, sidr and orange powder, conditioning , volumizing and polishing powders . Delicate Multani Mitti Indian clay, Neem and aloe vera powder purify and moisturize the scalp and hair regain body, tone and lightness.

kapoor detoxifying scalp scrub

The KAPOOR GLOW it's a hair pack come on soothing, detoxifying and rebalancing active ingredients, which leave the skin fresh and the hair revitalised. Ideal for all hair types, especially for sensitive and problematic scalps and for dull hair that lacks body and vitality.

It can also be used ✓to combat dandruff and to ✓regulate sebum production .

With an astringent and purifying action, the Kapoor Glow hair pack deeply cleanses the scalp, eliminating dead cells. Thanks to the high percentage of antioxidants, its constant use tones the scalp and promotes hair growth.

But today's article I want to dedicate to 3 do-it-yourself scalp scrubs to give you the opportunity to take full advantage of the properties of Beautilicious Delights products.

DIY scrub shampoo for oily scalp

For this DIY scrub shampoo for oily scalp that you can make in less than 2 minutes you need it

  • fine salt (avoid coarse salt as it would be too aggressive)
  • aritha powder
  • shikakai powder
  • aloe vera gel

As you noticed, this scrub is also a shampoo.. by using it you also wash your hair, you don't just scrub your scalp . You can enhance its purifying, refreshing and sebum-regulating action by adding 2 drops of rosemary or sage essential oil.


Exfoliating the scalp, in fact, re-balances the PH of the skin and at the same time cleans it.

DIY scrub for itchy scalp

Because of this DIY scrub for itchy scalp you need

  • white sugar
  • cider powder
  • amla powder
  • moringa oil
  • aloe vera gel

While the sidr, amla and aloe vera gel disinfect and moisturize, the white sugar gives a light peel and removes impurities which are then captured by the oil. All without irritating the sebaceous gland. You can enhance the effectiveness of this DIY scrub by also adding 2 drops of tea-tree or lemon essential oil.


DIY scrub for dry scalp

Because of this DIY scrub for dry scalp you need

  • moringa oil
  • honey
  • white sugar
  • flaxseed gel

You can enhance its effectiveness by also adding 2 drops of lavender essential oil. Revitalizes the scalp and eliminates the accumulation of products and dead cells for an immediate detox effect.

Dry scalp scrub

You can scrub your scalp 1 or 2 times a month or once a week, the frequency depends on your needs, the characteristics of your hair and the sensitivity of your skin.

DIY Scalp Scrub: How to use

Once you have created the scrub, apply it to slightly moistened skin and massage gently with the fingertips in circular movements with particular pressure above the ears, on the nape of the neck and on the central line to activate the microcirculation for 3-4 minutes.

Leave it to act for a few minutes and finally rinse with water and proceed with the normal washing with shampoo and conditioner.

As in all things, try not to overdo it so as not to stress the scalp and find your balance. As? Just by looking at your skin.

Before saying goodbye, remember NOT to do these DIY scrubs before sun exposure or if your skin is damaged.

I'm sure you'll find COWASH as interesting as I'm sure you'll love as much as these 3 DIY scrubs I suggested.

If you get a chance to try these scalp scrubs , let me know in the comments which one is your favorite. I assure you that if you know how to be constant, this new ritual will benefit not only your scalp, but also your hair, which will grow healthier and shinier. The hair will be healthier, the hydrolipidic layer rebalanced and the hair fiber reinvigorated.

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