TOP hair even in summer: 10 (effective!) tips to protect your hair from the sun, salt and chlorine!

If in the previous article SOS Hair by the Sea: How do the Sun, Salt, Chlorine damage them?! I wanted to raise awareness of what happens when we expose our hair to various external agents (sun, wind, salt, smog, chlorine) , in this article I'm ready to reveal 10 effective tips to safeguard your hair during the summer .

In the article How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun: My Hair Care Routine at the Sea! I have already revealed some good habits that each one of us should implement when going to the beach or to the pool to have healthy and strong hair even during the summer.

TOP hair even in summer: 10 (effective!) tips to protect your hair from the sun, salt and chlorine!

Beyond these habits that you will find listed in the article mentioned above, I want to reveal 10 tips that have proved to be essential for me to protect my hair from the elements.

Sun exposure time

Small essential detail not only for your skin, but also for your hair. Exposing yourself in the hottest hours of the day not only endangers your skin but also your scalp which overheats and inflames . Not to mention the damage that the sun's rays do to your keg.

So the suitable times would be: up to 11 in the morning and then return to the beach after 17.00

If you really can't do without it or if you have to spend a day on a boat, a hat or a bandana that protects your scalp is essential.

Today there are sun hats in pharmacies treated with specific protection filters (which ensure 99% protection from sun damage to the hair bulbs).

Rinse sea and/or pool water out of your hair as soon as possible

using fresh water. Use the showers with which some beaches are equipped or bring a bottle of fresh water from home.

The sea salt crystals that remain on the stem look like tiny hot lenses that attract the sun's rays, leading to dehydration of your hair .

If you don't have a bottle of fresh water with you on the beach, protect your hair as much as possible with a hat and tie up your hair.

Don't comb your hair

except with the fingers of the hands as long as they are moist. The risk of breakage is exponentially increased when hair is wet. If you really can't do without it, use a wide-toothed wooden comb.

I've been using the same method at home for many years and my hair's best friend in the shower after applying the conditioner is really it, the wide-toothed wooden comb.

Before using it in the shower, make sure it's a wooden comb that has undergone an anti-mould treatment.

Do not rub the hair to dry it

but use an ultra-absorbent towel to towel dry your hair. Rule that applies not only on the beach but also at home when you wash your hair.

Bamboo fiber towel

which will amaze you with how quickly it absorbs water from the hair while fighting the frizz effect thanks to the particular 100% natural fiber.

But the real gem is that the bamboo fiber towel protects the hair from UV rays thanks to the honey pectin that is naturally found inside the bamboo fiber.

bamboo hair towel beautilicious delights

Protect your lengths

from the wind and the sun's rays by tying the hair in a soft braid or a chignon. In this way, at the end of the day, you will have hair that will look like it came from the hairdresser thanks to the soft waves obtained in an absolutely natural way without stressing your hair. Indeed, protecting them from the wind, the sun and the salt.

Don't know how to use the chignon? I leave you this video tutorial of a Rozalia, very young and awkward, but enthusiastic about this totally heat-free method to get fantastic waves. (there are subtitles in Italian)

Protection from atmospheric agents thanks to dedicated products

The protection of the skin and the stem is essential to maintain the color, preserve the structure of the hair fiber and protect the health of the hair bulb.

Use specific products to protect the scalp and to rebalance the hydrolipidic film of the scalp and hair as soon as possible.

I recommend the Volumizing or Anti-Frizz Spray + Hair Elixir combo for protection of both the scalp and the hair.

Apply protection before leaving the house

It is important to apply the protection on the hair before going to the beach. The protection must then be re-applied after each dive, even better after eliminating salt and chlorine with fresh water.

Clay-based poultices

As much as we like the days spent by the sea, for our hair it is a real trauma. This is why it's essential to make pampering clay-based wraps, even better if based on KAPOOR (delicate Indian clay) capable of restoring hydration to the scalp and lengths.

The composition rich in clay minerals (silicon, aluminium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron) makes this pack very effective for rebalancing the pH of the scalp, removing impurities, regulating sebum production and promoting oxygenation mobile phone.

Prefer vegetable, natural, powder shampoos

If you use herbal dyes to color your hair (even white hair!) you will discover how useful this tip will be for you. The hair is already put to the test by the sun's rays, salt and/or chlorine, being perpetually wet which inevitably leads to an alteration of the color.

Color oxidation is a completely normal reaction, due to the chlorine (sodium chloride) contained in sea salt . We are therefore witnessing a real natural discoloration, which unfortunately makes the hair brittle and dry .

What made the difference for me was using vegetable shampoos, powders like SIDR, SHIKAKAI or the customized Beautilicious Delights ARITHA GLOW mix (coming soon on the online shop). They delicately cleanse the hair without further "attacking" the vegetable pigment of the dyeing herbs deposited on the stem.

Seeing is believing!

Is there any other trick that makes the difference for your hair and that could be useful for all of us? Feel free to share it in the comments below.

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