Speeding Up Hair Growth: Is It Possible?

"I would like to speed up my hair growth: is there any product I can use to speed up my hair growth?"

I start from this question, because many of you have asked it in the last period, especially you who are part of the new entries in the world of herbal dyes.

One always hopes to find the miracle product that gives that extra boost to the growth of one's hair. Hair that sometimes just doesn't seem to want to grow much.

The idea of ​​gaining a few millimeters or centimeters more than the so-called normal growth is an exciting goal. To achieve the result we evaluate, paw, experiment and measure but what we find afterwards is not always very encouraging.

Why does some people's hair grow slowly and others faster?

Losing your hair, seeing it grow very slowly or getting thinner every day has a great effect on the state of mind of each of us and I challenge anyone to say otherwise. All of this occurs due to the disrupted hair growth cycle.

This can be triggered by conditions such as hormonal imbalances, illness, taking medications, or an unhealthy lifestyle.

The first thing to do therefore is a specialist visit to the trichologist to make sure that it is not a pathological anomaly. If fortunately, this is not the case, you can focus on what you can do to mitigate the discomfort that your hair causes you.

Both hair growth and hair loss are physiological processes that occur naturally and therefore we start from the premise that it is not possible to speed up or stop a fall that is physiological.

As I have already told previously, in the article dedicated to hair loss, the hair follows 3 phases:

  • Anagen, growth phase - which also extends up to 6 years;
  • Catagen, that of rest - about 2-3 weeks;
  • Telogen, shedding stage - by about 3 months.

  • In practice, the hair grows from 1.2 cm to 1.5 cm per month, depending on the individual. The rate of growth averages 0.35mm per day.

    This difference, which may appear minimal, actually significantly affects individual characteristics and an important detail: it is genetically determined.

    The anagen phase - of growth - is longer lasting in women than in men, which is why women have longer hair.

    In addition, unfortunately after the age of 50, the aging of the hair can lead to a marked slowdown in the speed of growth. In this case, the anagen phase may be less effective and produce thinner hair.

    Speeding Up Hair Growth: Is It Possible?

    Speeding Up Hair Growth: Is It Possible?

    Currently there is no product that speeds up hair regrowth and therefore increases the duration of the anagen phase or that can accelerate the speed of hair growth , on a scientific basis.

    Each hair follows its life cycle, which fortunately is not synchronized with that of the other hairs, so we do not undergo shedding like animals - with the change of season - but every day we even lose a hundred hairs, which is totally normal.

    Instead, what can be worked on is the "health" of the scalp, the microcirculation of the scalp and the robustness of the structure of the stem itself from birth to the tips.

    How to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth

    Lifestyle and nutrition

    First of all, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet make all the difference. We never pay enough attention to them, but you'd be surprised to find out how much they can affect the health of our hair.

    The hair is biologically dead matter, so to stimulate its growth you must make sure you guarantee the right amount of vitamins and nutrients through your diet.

    There are thinks of taking the shortcut by resorting to food supplements. My advice is to start taking food supplements formulated for hair health only on the advice of a trichologist.

    External hair care

    Nature on the one hand takes away, on the other hand it gives. It's always been like this.

    His generosity has always amazed me and for that I am always deeply grateful. He has always provided us with plants and substances capable not only of coloring hair in a completely natural way but also capable of rebalancing situations of capillary fragility of any kind.

    Activate the microcirculation of the skin with the massage

    Taking moments to massage it during your day will invigorate your hair and stimulate its growth. A habit to be adopted and also to be adopted by the boys of the house.

    Massaging the skin with the fingertips activates the microcirculation and consequently, the growing stem is properly nourished.

    Or you can massage the scalp using the Beautilicious Delights beech wood brush - with rounded tips - which can release muscle microtension and untangle the hair.

    Massage that you can do before but also during the shampoo .

    If you want to learn more about how to perform the massage to make the most of its benefits, I recommend reading this article:

    Reactivates the skin and stimulates growth with massage

    Scalp massage strengthens the hair and stimulates growth

    To facilitate the release of clogged pores and activate the microcirculation, there are special products formulated for the scalp.

    Hair care recommended to reduce hair loss and to stimulate its growth

    Using one of the products that I list below at least once a week can help both in a detox action of the scalp and to intensify the action of the massage, greatly promoting circulation.

    Pre-shampoo poultices

    As a pre-shampoo compress to activate the microcirculation of the scalp, I recommend:

    Hair wash

    Use the detox action scrub shampoo at least once a month alternating with cleansing herbs such as sidr, aritha glow or shikakai.

    Post shampoo compresses

    Post shampoo poultices to be applied to clean hair to make the most of the benefits of the single poultice

    • Detoxifying wrap with Kapoor Glow mix based on Indian clay, neem powder, orange powder and aloe vera
    • Anti-hair loss wrap based on Fenugreek - rich in phytoestrogens that prevent and stop hair loss
    • Growth stimulating pack based on amla and cassia - the vitamin C of which amla is rich promotes blood circulation in the skin and follicles, stimulating the growth of the stem

    Wraps of about 30' to be carried out at least once a week on clean hair (not necessarily freshly washed but clean).

    Please always use a good eco-friendly conditioner after rinsing off the pack.

    This hair care routine must be practiced regularly to obtain visible and lasting effects.

    I'm trying to carve out some time to follow it, given the innumerable benefits that the skin can derive from it:

    • Hair regrowth is encouraged because resting follicles are stimulated which resume their activity and exit the telogen phase to produce a new hair;
    • The hair is strengthened , the skin vascularisation is stimulated and reactivated - improving the oxygenation and circulation of the blood and lymphatic vessels - which carry a greater quantity of nutrients, necessary for the health of the hair bulb, the hair and the follicles themselves;
    • The flow of blood and substances - active and nourishing - applied to the skin before, after or during the same massage is favoured ;
    • The elimination of toxins that end up on the skin is favoured , through the sebum of the sebaceous glands and the sweat of the sweat glands;
    • Nervous tension is eased, the cranial muscles relax and the facial muscles relax, giving relief to the scalp and a general feeling of well-being;
    • The dry scalp of the hair is lubricated and the production of sebum is stimulated ;
    • With the active ingredients of the suggested packs , various skin anomalies such as dandruff, itching, scales or dermatitis are also combated .
    If you're still not convinced, remember that poor circulation weakens hair, causing it to fall out.
    So, take a moment during your day and give space to your scalp in your hair care routine.

    To conclude, as can be seen from this study, we must not rely on products that promise to accelerate hair growth or even lengthen existing ones, but we must concentrate on the "health" of the scalp, the microcirculation of the scalp and the strength of the structure. same as the stem.

    Consistency will give you strong, healthy, shiny hair with healthy growth in the long run. I advise you to enjoy the care you dedicate to your hair day after day, without focusing too much on growth.

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