Sidr (Zizyphus Jujuba): The Natural Shampoo for Hair! Preparation - Uses - Benefits!

If you are looking for a delicate alternative to traditional shampoos, SIDR is the ideal natural hair shampoo for all people who have a sensitive scalp and/or predisposed to developing allergies and more!

Haven't you heard of it yet? Nothing strange, the SIDR is a tree originating and widespread throughout Asia, in the desert areas of India, Pakistan and Yemen.

SIDR (Zizyphus Jujuba) is a fruit tree, belonging to the Rhamnaceae family, also known as Chinese date.

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SIDR powder is obtained from the dried and pulverized leaves of the plant. Green in colour, its fine texture is reminiscent of talc.

The leaves are rich in saponins* , mucilages, vitamins, flavonoids, tannins, iron and mineral salts (manganese, silicon, calcium and phosphorus).

Sidr Zizyphus Jujuba: The Natural Shampoo for Hair Preparation - Uses - Benefits
This is the quality of SIDR you can find in the online shop . By adding water, it becomes creamy and easy to apply.

*all cleansing herbs that contain saponins are itiotoxic, i.e. they are toxic to aquatic organisms. In any case, even if not at zero environmental cost, in my opinion it is certainly a more environmentally friendly solution than the use of synthetic surfactants, also because the use of these herbs tends to reduce the frequency of washing and therefore the release of polluting substances into the environment.

Commercially, SIDR is often sold as neutral henna . Ok, I imagine your confusion: but wasn't it cassia, the neutral henna ?

Here, to avoid any confusion, always check the inci. Ah, you don't know how to read it? I talked about it in depth in this article: I nci products: What is it? How do you read? What can you tell us about the product?

If you want to be sure you are buying SIDR powder to use it as a natural hair shampoo , the inci must report: Zizyphus Jujuba.

Not sure whether to choose Cassia or Sidr for your hair care? That's why choosing SIDR rather than CASSIA and vice versa!

SIDR (Zizyphus Jujuba): How is it prepared?

Sidr can easily replace shampoo thanks to the presence of saponins but the method of use is different from traditional shampoo . That is, surely the SIDR does not foam which may seem strange the first time.

Sidr Zizyphus Jujuba: The Natural Shampoo for Hair Preparation - Uses - Benefits

When you find your hair clean, shiny and fluffy after rinsing it out, you will understand that the absence of foam is not at all relevant to the effectiveness of this natural plant shampoo .

I want to reassure you, SIDR powder is really easy to prepare to use immediately as a shampoo: it will take you 5-10 minutes at most.

First of all, remember to carry out the skin sensitivity test in the crook of the arm 48 hours before application if it is the first time you use it. In predisposed subjects, an allergic reaction is always possible even if the product is 100% natural.

Note well!

The sidr should be used on light or bleached hair only after having done a test on a hidden strand of hair. Even if it does not contain dyeing molecules, the color of light or chemically treated hair can vary, darkening it slightly or releasing strange reflections.

Amount of SIDR powder to use:

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, use approximately:

  • 30-40grams short hair
  • 70-90grams long hair

    sidr shampoo hair washing herbs how to use

    SIDR: Preparation

    Place the SIDR powder in a large bowl into which you will slowly add hot water. Don't add it all at once, or the powder won't be able to absorb the water and it will clump. Start mixing vigorously to get a batter that has the consistency that resembles crepe batter.

    Were there still lumps? Don't despair! Use a hand blender and you're done.

    Let the batter rest for about 5 minutes, even 10, if you're not in a hurry, to allow the powder to release the mucilages that will moisturize your hair while the saponins will wash them.

    You will know from the consistency of the batter that the mucilages have been released because it will become slightly slimy. Then you can proceed to spread and slowly massage most of the batter on the skin and roots after having wet all the hair and skin.

    Gently massage for a few good minutes. Dedicate the remaining part of the batter to the lengths and make sure you massage them well, leaving the SIDR wrap on for at least 5-10 minutes.

    Don't panic because you can't see or feel the classic foam of traditional shampoos. You will still be amazed by the washing result on your hair...

    For a greater purifying effect on the scalp and moisturizing the lengths, you can leave the SIDR powder on for about 30 minutes, covering your head with transparent film.

    Once the processing time is over, rinse with abundant lukewarm water alternating it with cold water and use a small amount of balm on the lengths to be able to comb them without difficulty.

    Remember to use as a last pampering, rinsing with cold water and vinegar for shiny and fluffy hair.

    I also leave you the video tutorial below where you can see how I prepare the SIDR batter and I'll tell you about my more than exciting experience with this totally natural shampoo.

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    The SIDR can be used:

    • as a natural purifying shampoo on the scalp
    • as a moisturizing and volumizing pack
    • to fix the color released by the dyeing herbs , when used as a 10-15% ingredient in the dyeing mix
    • as an excellent alternative to cassia in dye mixes to decrease its dyeing intensity
    • as a purifying & astringent face mask with a processing time of up to 15 minutes
    • as a poultice in case of skin inflammation , thanks to its emollient and revitalizing action.

    You can also create effective synergies by adding hydrated fenugreek gel or other washing flours, such as chickpea flour, to the SIDR powder and create a natural DIY hair shampoo .

    SIDR: Benefits

    Sidr (Zizyphus Jujuba) - skin benefits:

    • wash gently and deeply
    • performs a purifying and astringent action
    • soothes and refreshes the skin
    • ideal for combination, impure, acne-prone skin
    • helps fight psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema

    Sidr (Zizyphus Jujuba) - benefits for hair:

    • wash delicately
    • moisturizes and conditions the hair thanks to the high percentage of mucilages
    • inflames and relieves itching and irritation of the scalp
    • purifies irritated skin
    • fight dandruff
    • strengthens and gives vigor to the hair
    • promotes scalp health
    • leaves hair fluffy and silky
    • fix the dyeing herbs
    * It can help to make katam or indigo discharge less by fixing them on the hair. However, this action is subjective and can vary from hair to hair.

        Sidr, natural hair shampoo: why use it?

        Sidr Zizyphus Jujuba: The Natural Hair Shampoo HOW TO PREPARE IT USA BEAUTILICIOUS DELIGHTS

        Because it's truly a gift that nature has given us and that brings so many benefits to our hair!

        Rich in mucilage and saponins, Sidr leaves hair clean and fluffy and gives it hydration and shine without weighing it down.

        Sidr (Zizyphus Jujuba) is the natural shampoo for hair - the perfect ally for daily use that guarantees you excellent results in terms of washing, softness and volume. Seeing is believing!

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