How to halve the laying times of henna

Halve the laying times of henna:

here is one of the questions that afflicts those who have already used henna for some time but also those who would like to start using dyeing herbs to color their hair naturally but are intimidated by the long exposure times.

Shutter times which, moreover, are quite relative and depend a lot on the type of hair as well as on the type of coloring you want to do: just get reflections or cover gray hair.

As I've always said here on the blog, herbal dyes are a real philosophy, a ritual that has its time to give the best results and will never be able to meet the needs of all of us. It's up to us to evaluate what compromise we are willing to make in terms of color and shutter speed.

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Assuming that henna and dyeing herbs color tone on tone, therefore the mix of dyeing herbs we use affects the final color but also and above all the base color on which the mix is ​​applied.

If we decide to embrace the henna ritual we have to forget the pantone "x" of the chemical dye and in an increasingly hectic everyday life, find that time when we can stop and pamper ourselves and dedicate ourselves to the health of our hair.

Henna processing times

The shutter speed as I mentioned above can vary according to 2 variables:

- bring out the natural reflections of the hair

- cover white hair.

If we just want to reflect the hair, then even 30 minutes of laying can be enough. If, on the other hand, you also have white hair to cover , then 3h-3h and a half hours of laying could be necessary for excellent coverage and color rendering.

But many of you have shared with me, even in the comments of the video tutorials on the youtube channel, that having very porous hair you can get excellent results even with 1h-1h and a half of laying.

There is therefore no fixed rule, only by experimenting firsthand will you be able to understand which shutter speed is suitable for you. But I also talked about this in depth in this article: Preparation of henna and dyeing herbs: shutter speed and frequency of application .

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How to halve the laying times of henna

Those who have a hectic pace of life or those who suffer from neck pain are immediately stopped from trying to color their hair with henna when they hear about shutter speed.

In the past we used to talk about 9-12 hours of laying to obtain good color rendering and coverage of gray hair . But nowadays, if the dyeing herbs you use are of excellent quality, you can get satisfactory results with much much less dedicated time.

Is it possible to halve the laying times of henna and still be able to obtain excellent coverage and color rendering?

Yes, there are some "shortcuts".

As you may already know from the Complete Guide to Preparing and Applying Herbal Hair Dyeing , for the color to be released, it needs a warm, humid environment.

Nothing could be easier in the summer, but in the winter, especially for those suffering from neck pain , keeping a moist compress on the head for 2-3 hours could be a problem that could transform this beauty ritual into a trauma.

How to halve the laying time of henna especially in winter? By creating the warm and conducive environment for the release of color.

As? There are more options and I tell you about them in the video tutorial below:

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Those who suffer from cervical pain but don't want to give up henna:

apart from halving the shutter speed with one of the solutions indicated in the video tutorial above, it could certainly help:

  • make a slightly less liquid batter, Greek yogurt consistency instead of classic yogurt
  • apply the batter to clean dry hair instead of wet
  • gather your hair at the top of your head and not at the side or back of your head because depending on how long your hair is, it could cause you a headache from the weight
  • avoid adding ingredients to the mix whose strong smell (essential oils, vinegar) could cause nausea
  • after having rinsed off the dyeing herbs it is important to dry the hair and head for a long time with a hot hair dryer and it is advisable to avoid drafts.

Obviously, if you have found some other "shortcut" to halve the laying times of henna , share your method with me and with the readers of the blog in the comments below. Only a continuous comparison can help us improve and make it easier to use henna and dyeing herbs on our hair .

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