Shades of Blonde or Light Brown with Rhubarb and Dyeing Herbs on Light Hair

Can you get different shades of blonde or light brown with dyeing herbs? Will even those with white hair be able to cover it naturally using rhubarb and herbal dyes?

If these are the questions that brought you here then read on because this is exactly the topic I will explore in this article.

The absolute protagonist of this article is Rhubarb , a reflective, polishing and strengthening dyeing herb that gives light hair golden reflections .

With a mustard colour, Rhubarb powder is obtained by pulverizing the rhizome of the Rheum Rhapontica plant. Seasonally harvested and sieved, rhubarb has the fine texture of talcum powder.

Shades of Blonde or Light Brown with Rhubarb and Dyeing Herbs on Light Hair

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Unlike Lawsonia (Red Henna) whose dyeing pigment, lawsone, binds with the keratin present in the stem, Rhubarb is only a reflective herb which is therefore not permanent on the hair.

However, it lasts several shampoos. Its duration on the hair fiber depends a lot on the dye mix used, on the hair care routine products (more or less aggressive) and obviously on the hair itself. 

Thanks to the anthraquinone pigments, Rhubarb manages to give light hair more or less dark warm blond tones , which vary according to the base colour.

Rhubarb: what type of hair is it suitable for?

Let's start from the premise that neither rhubarb nor herbal dyes contain lightening agents.

So if your regrowth is dark, using a mix of herbal dyes you won't be able to get a lighter color than your natural color. Simply because herbal dyes color tone on tone, reflecting or darkening the starting color, but never lightening it.

If you still believe in the mirage of dyes without chemical ingredients, you will find this study illuminating: Hair Dye Without Chemicals: a Mirage?

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it is therefore the perfect natural reflective herb to give warm, golden reflections to light and/or blonde hair . It is the natural alternative to delicately color your hair ( whites included).

By using rhubarb or an herbal hair dye mix containing rhubarb, you can brighten up your naturally blonde hair and also your chemically dyed lengths. You can emphasize the highlights and you can accentuate the golden reflections of the blond because applied pure on blond hair, Rhubarb gives a very warm, golden shade of blond .

Shades of Blonde or Light Brown with Rhubarb and Dyeing Herbs on Light Hair beautilicious delights

Dyeing a lot, the pure use of Rhubarb on the hair is not recommended. It should ALWAYS be used together with other dyeing herbs to obtain a personalized color that marries your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: The longer it is left on, the more intense the shade of blonde or light brown will be.

So it is essential to keep in mind the shutter speed you use when doing the test run. If you leave the mix on for 15 minutes to do the test test and then leave the dye mix on the hair for 30 minutes or 1h, you will be surprised to find yourself with a very different color from the test test.

Don't know how to do the test test or how to calculate the percentages in your dye mix? In the video tutorial below you will find everything explained in detail:

Proof test which is MANDATORY to do. Just as it is mandatory to take an allergy test , because natural does not mean harmless and if it is the first time you use herbal dyes it is mandatory to do so to avoid unpleasant episodes.

Rhubarb: How to Use

The way of preparing and applying the batter is identical to the usual dye mixes containing lawsonia, cassia, katam or indigo. So I advise you to follow the more than detailed instructions that you find in the COMPLETE GUIDE TO THE PREPARATION AND APPLICATION OF HENNA AND HERBS DYEING

Remember that only the shutter speed is different from what is indicated in the guide above. Processing time that varies according to the color you want to obtain and obviously according to the dye mix you decide to use.

Does rhubarb cover gray hair?

Rhubarb is a reflective herb that can cover gray hair

coloring them with a warm yellow color with golden reflections. The final blonde shade achieved can be toned down or intensified to a Venetian blonde by simply adding some cassia , sidr , amla or lawsonia in your mix obtaining a more or less lively shade based on the percentage of dyeing herbs you use in your mix.

If you want to use rhubarb to cover gray hair , the ideal would be to use a mix in which there is also a minimum of lawsonia (20-30%) to fix the color on the shaft and make the blonde or brown tone last longer light obtained on your own white or light hair .

Shades of blonde with rhubarb and herbal dyes on blonde and/or light hair


Applied to medium dark or dark hair, Rhubarb does not give lighter, golden reflections! It's like making a compress with cassia (neutral henna). You won't notice any difference.

Light Auburn Blonde Shade Rhubarb Henna Natural Light Blonde Hair Dye

click on the photo to see it enlarged

Rhubarb is indicated for obtaining various shades of blonde on light hair ( blond and/or light brown ). Rhubarb can be mixed with other dyeing herbs , indeed we recommend its use together with other dyeing herbs to achieve the desired shade according to your needs.

hue HONEY blond rhubarb cassia henne dyeing herbs beautilicious delights

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Diluted with cassia or sidr, a honey-blonde shade is obtained, while in a mix with lawsonia or katam , various shades of blond can be obtained on light hair , based on the percentages used.

caramel blonde henna blonde hair cassia katam beautilicious_Delights

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Shades of light brown with rhubarb and herbal dyes on blonde and/or light hair

henna light brown white hair rhubarb lawsonia katam herbs dry cleaners beautilicious delights

To get light brown on naturally light hair : white or blonde, you DO NOT need to go twice to avoid the risk of getting a too dark brown .

The result you get on yours will never be identical to the result you see in the illustrated photos because your base on which you apply the mix will affect the final colour.

This is the beauty of herbal dyes : using the exact same dye mix, each one of us will obtain a different, unique color with glamorous reflections!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite shade of blonde is or if you managed to get a light brown using rhubarb and herbal dyes on your light hair!

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