How to Choose Natural Products for the Care of Scalp and Oily Hair?

Every year, with the change of season, the condition of my hair and my scalp also gets worse, becoming fatter than usual . And I bet I'm not the only one suffering from it.. but the difference in managing this problem in the best way is the natural products I use in the care of my scalp and oily hair.

Hair that gets dirty easily requires frequent washing which in the long term, especially if unsuitable or aggressive products are used, cause stress on the scalp and hair fiber.

Day after day, all this increases the fragility of the hair which gradually becomes thinner and less thick.

natural products for the care of oily hair

So it is natural to ask yourself:

How to choose natural products for the care of oily scalp and hair?

We asked Dr. Maria Gemma Lunardi , cosmetologist pharmacist expert in phytotherapy, with whom we explored the topic:

What should we pay more attention to when choosing natural products for the care of oily hair?

"First of all, you need to make sure that it's not hyperseborrhoea, linked to some skin pathologies such as seborrheic dermatitis, while other times it is due to hormonal imbalances (excessive testosterone production). Once it has been ascertained that it is not such ailment, we go in search of natural products, without silicones, targeted for the care of oily hair."

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But what makes some hair greasy?

An excess of sebum produced by the sebaceous gland which I already told you about in the article: How and from what hair is made .

It is a fatty substance, with an acid pH of about 3.5 whose role is to lubricate and protect the skin and the stem from external aggressions

If the sebaceous glands that are "controlled" by our hormones are very active, they produce a lot of sebum, causing the skin and hair to be oily . If, on the other hand, they produce too little sebum, we end up with dry hair and dehydrated skin.

The sebum together with the sweat contribute to the formation of the hydro-lipid film which protects the hair from chemical (aggressive detergents) and bacterial aggressions and in addition they lubricate and waterproof the external surface of the hair as it lengthens.

The shaft is lubricated even before the hair appears on the skin surface.

Why does increased sebum production make hair greasy?

Sebum, as mentioned above, is a fatty substance which is composed of 35-40% triglycerides, 25% waxes, 15-20% fatty acids, 10-12% squalene and other substances in smaller percentages.

Therefore, as you can also see from its "greasy" composition, an excess of sebum, its greater presence on the skin and on the stem leads to the hair being dirty and greasy much sooner than a scalp with a balanced production of sebum.

Definitely combing them 3-4 times a day and touching them continuously they get dirty within a couple of days because the sebum is distributed through these actions along the entire length of the stem. Sebum which, due to its composition, then attracts dust and environmental smog and makes the appearance of the hair unpleasant.

How to Choose Natural Products for the Care of Scalp and Oily Hair?

The first oily hair care product to affect the health of our skin is

The Shampoo!

"You have to give preference to natural products, without silicones, specially formulated for the care of oily hair. Preferably organic and dermo-purifying products , formulated with natural and gentle cleansing substances on our skin that can clean gently and without drying the ends of the hair and without further stimulating the production of sebum.The 3 things to pay more attention to are:
  • the dose of shampoo,
  • the water temperature
  • the frequency of washing,
because sometimes it's just the wrong habits that make the problem worse."

So just use the wrong product, perhaps too aggressive for our hair and oily scalp , already sensitized to aggravate the health of our hair.

I advise you as an alternative to Wash Your Hair Naturally with Flours: chickpea flour and... Absolutely natural method, very delicate and excellent for our scalp.

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So what's the right way to wash oily hair ?

    • "First of all , the shampoo must be diluted ! It should never be applied pure to the scalp. In addition, the doses used are usually overdone.
    • The right amount of shampoo corresponds to a soup spoon diluted in water and applied directly to the scalp and not to the lengths. And this is because an excessive amount risks increasing sebum production in response to the degreasing insult of surfactants. In fact, higher quantities as well as being harmful are also useless since they do not wash the hair, but only produce foam.
    • The water should be used lukewarm (28°) in order not to alter the balance of the sebaceous glands, while if it is excessively hot it has a delipidating effect.
    • The right frequency is three/four washes a week, using a degreasing shampoo once/twice to alternate with an ultra-delicate cleansing base for frequent use."

oily hair care products.png

Why in the care of oily hair do you have to alternate the degreasing shampoo with a delicate shampoo?

"This is because aggressive surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium lauryl ether sulfate ( SLES) remove the lipid film that covers the hair fiber, degreasing too much and establishing the rebound phenomenon .
The shampoo for frequent washing must have a pH between 5 and 7.5 and contain delicate anionic and non-ionic surfactants (betaines, sarcosinates, amphoacetates, glutamates, etc.) while the specific shampoo may contain primary surfactants (SLS or SLES) in combination with delicate anionic surfactants to mitigate the degreasing action."

What active ingredients should natural hair care products contain?

    • "The active ingredients of plant origin must above all have sebum-balancing properties (extracts of rosemary, sage, burdock, nettle, nasturtium, yarrow, cistus, cedar, green tea, tormentil and essential oils of juniper, cypress, lemon, orange, mandarin, rosemary , sage etc.).
    • To absorb excess sebum, deodorant substances such as clay and essential oil of eucalyptus, lavender or lemon are generally associated.
    • To then decrease the inflammation that often accompanies hyperseborrhea, other substances with a soothing action (chamomile, licorice and calendula), astringent (witch hazel) or refreshing (menthol) are added.
    • For the dermopurifying effect, it is combined with piroctone olamine, tea tree oil and other essential oils (e.g. thyme) . Alternatively, oil-shampoos are also excellent, as they contain a high concentration of non-ionic surfactants, which cleanse by affinity, generate little foam and are perfect for preventing rebound hyperseborrhea."

In this regard, on the shop you will find a section dedicated to cleansing herbs and shampoos.

Specifically for those with fine and oily hair (as if having fine and thin hair wasn't already enough :) I recommend the Aritha Glow mix specially formulated for those with oily scalp and hair to be alternated with the AMLA METHI NEEM Dermopurifying Shampoo Scrub ideal for skin problems.

dermopurifying shampoo scrub with amla methi neem

The Balm

- for oily hair, the ideal would be to avoid it if you can't distribute it avoiding the scalp!

But who, like me, has long hair, knows that to be able to untangle and comb without damaging and tearing the hair , conditioner is a necessity! So just choose a conditioner with a light formula, which does not weigh down the hair and above all remember that it should only be applied to the lengths and ends , avoiding the scalp. By applying it carefully only on the lengths, you avoid rapid greasing of the roots.

Natural products for styling oily hair !

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Avoid all oil-based sprays / creams and ban the use of any waxy and/or greasy styling products after shampooing, even on ends that feel dry and frizzy. The anointed takes a moment to expand to the roots!

Yet there is an exception! An alternative balm-based washing method (yes, you read that right!) which is very delicate on the skin, without stimulating the sebaceous glands: THE COWASH

Give preference to natural products for styling oily hair .

If your skin is oily , make sure that they are strictly silicone-free products and that they do not contain a fat phase, therefore no vegetable or mineral oil must be reported in the INCI.

Also find out how to detox your hair from silicones !

Restructuring polishing spray for greasy hair

To give you an example, the Beautilicious Delights volumizing hair polishing spray , which you see in the photo above, based on aloe vera and fruit acids (The complete INCI is available in all product sheets ), is excellent for oily hair precisely because it doesn't weigh down the hair in any way.

Trying is believing.. indeed, I'm sure that reading the reviews on the product sheet will help you get a much more precise idea of ​​the spray's performance.

Just as I advise you to avoid oil wraps that require various steps of shampoo to be able to remove it. Make the pack to bring a benefit to your oily hair and end up attacking your already sensitized scalp for free.

If, on the other hand, your lengths are brittle and dry due to the various chemical treatments and manipulations with a hair dryer and straightener, I suggest you apply the pack exclusively on the dehydrated and brittle ends.

And, if you haven't tried it yet, I promise you will be able to get rid of frizz and that nasty feeling of dry ends using 2-3 sprays of the HAIR ELIXIR Spray . It doesn't weigh down even the thinnest hair, still managing to condition it and fight frizz along the lengths.

Speaking of wraps, an effective natural remedy for oily scalp and oily hair is

The Henna

Whether it's cassia (neutral henna) or a mix of herbal dyes (lawsonia - red henna with katam or red henna and cassia) your greasy hair will instantly love herbal dyes.

Volumizing, restructuring, polishing and regulating, the dyeing herbs, thanks to their astringent and antibacterial properties, are a real sebum-balancing treatment, 100% natural, ideal for an oily scalp. They leave hair soft and voluminous, giving greater body and strength to fine hair.

In the light of the above, why should you ever insist on using oily wraps from which you don't get any benefit when with dyeing herbs you not only cure excess sebum, dandruff and irritation , but you find yourself with much more beautiful, voluminous and shiny ?

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    Unfortunately, if you continue to use products at random or in any case not suitable for oily skin and hair , the excess sebum can obstruct the hair bulb , preventing correct oxygenation and therefore favoring hair loss . And I don't think you want to create a new problem, do you? ;)

    To conclude, I invite you not to neglect your oily hair and choose with greater awareness, perhaps also thanks to this article, natural products specially formulated for oily scalps that can promote the natural balance of the scalp.

    Because as I always say, you will never be able to boast a strong and shining hair if your skin is not healthy.

    Alternate wraps of Kapoor Glow - a detoxifying and revitalizing mix for your scalp with washes with a mix of SIDR (70%) and AMLA (30%) which will leave you with a fresh scalp and voluminous and full-bodied hair. Seeing is believing!

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