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Beautilicious Delights

Basic Beauty Summer Kit

Basic Beauty Summer Kit

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Strengthening, Restorative e Polishing

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The perfect allies for hair and skin during the summer

Every single product in the Beauty Summer Kit can prove to be the ideal ally during the day, according to your needs.

The Beauty Summer kit promotes the well-being of both skin and hair. It therefore contains products which are good for both body / face skin and scalp and hair.

Strengthening. Protective . Enlightening.

For strong hair and radiant skin!

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Rose Glow,

blend of precious ingredients such as damask rose powder, orange and amla powder, delicate Indian Multani Mitti clay and vegetable charcoal powders that act in synergy, help to remove impurities that clog pores and leave skin toned and radiant.

With an astringent and toning action, the Rose Glow face mask gently exfoliates and eliminates dead cells. Excellent both before to prepare the skin for sun exposure and after sun exposure to counteract free radicals.

moringa oil,

rich in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins, it is indicated for oily and delicate skin, and is a panacea against dermatitis and psoriasis.

It is very light and is absorbed quickly, without leaving that annoying sense of grease. Not to mention the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which promote healing from burns, skin rashes and insect bites.

It protects the hair bulb and sebum-normalizes the hair, as well as being an excellent antioxidant and moisturizer thanks to the high percentage of oleic acid (up to 78%).

amla oil,

more precisely, it is an Amla oleolith which is obtained through the maceration of amla powder in sesame oil which is enriched with the addition of Eucalyptus essential oil.*

Essential oil that gives the Amla Beautilicious Delights oleolite an intense, very herbaceous fragrance with soft woody nuances.

In addition to having a balsamic effect and also being useful in inflammation of the respiratory tract in the bronchi and throat, it works as an antiseptic and antipyretic and can be useful for relieving muscle and joint pain.

*However, precisely because it contains a small percentage of eucalyptus essential oil, its use during pregnancy is not recommended.

Ideal for dry scalps and to combat dandruff and itching. Thanks to the hydrophilic molecules that retain water in the stem, it exerts a strong moisturizing and nourishing power on the hair. It protects the hair from wind and salt, and makes it stronger and brighter.
It fights hair loss and promotes its growth with the necessary massages on the scalp.


is the vegetable shampoo par excellence which, thanks to its mucilage, gives a volume to be envied while hydrate the stem.

You can get excellent results in terms of washing, skin purification, and fixing of the dyeing herbs. There are few hairs that don't love him. 

Finally the Katira,

a precious ally for your hair, it gives shine and volume that you can use both as a wrap, as a styling product or simply as a humectant in your wraps to prevent dryness.

    Face the summer days with the best allies for your skin and hair 

    Ingredients and Method of Use

    Learn more about the ingredients and the recommended method of use for each individual product in the Beauty Summer Kit by clicking on the product name below

    Rose Glow

    Moringa oil

    Amla oil




          How to combine products to create synergies

          Use Rose Glow as a hair pack as well. It will amaze you!

          Apply the vegetable oils to moistened skin/hair for ease of absorption and for optimal hydration.

          If you have dry skin, add 2-3 drops of Moringa oil or Amla oil to the ROSE GLOW mix and reduce the exposure time to 5 minutes.

          Wash off the saltiness at the end of the day using the delicacy of SIDR. For a moisturizing action on dry and dehydrated lengths, add Katira gel to the SIDR.

          Wraps on the skin and roots help strengthen the stem and stimulate its growth, leaving the hair soft and strong!

          The hair roots will be strengthened and the hair will be noticeably more voluminous and shiny.

          ************************************************** *************************************

          Recommended for:

          strengthen brittle, damaged and brittle hair

          give vigor and greater body to fine and thin hair

          revitalize chemically treated hair

          sebum-regulate the production of sebum in the skin and oily skin

          purify combination and impure skin

          rediscover a fresh and luminous complexion

          ************************************************** *************************************



          ✓ Tonic

          ✓ Polishing

          ✓ Antioxidant



          ************************************************** *************************************


          - 100% pure Ayurvedic herbs

          - Premium quality

          - Fine talc consistency

          - Easy to apply and rinse off

          ************************************************** *************************************

          Experiment! dare! Customize! Make your hair bloom!

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          Gli alleati per ritrovare la setosità e lucentezza dei tuoi capelli da bambina

          Una Hair Care Routine “SOS Lunghezze Secche e Sfibrate” per:

          • ritrovare un capello più elastico e luminoso
          • dare vigore e forza alla chioma indebolita
          • idratare profondamente
          • aumentare l’elasticità e la resistenza

          Cosa trovi all’interno del kit?

          Approfondisci gli ingredienti e il modo d'uso consigliato per ogni singolo prodotto dell'Essentials Kit "SOS Lunghezze Secche e Sfibrate" cliccando sul nome del prodotto:

          Shampoo:Brahmi Shampoo Glow Cosmos Mix Lavante Rinforzante Capelli Fragili 100g

          Impacco: Spirulina Glow Impacco Remineralizzante Ristrutturante 100g

          Condizionante: Balsamo Capelli Grossi Color Protect 200ml

          Styling: Spray Hair Elixir 150ml


          Affronta la tua quotidianità con i migliori alleati per la tua chioma!


          How to Use


          • 100% natural products

          • Quality always guaranteed

          • Personalized advice

          • Free shipping over €69.99

          • EXTRA discounts over €125

          • Characteristics

            ✓ Erbe ayurvediche 100% pure

            ✓ Pregiata qualità 

            ✓ Consistenza fine del talco

            ✓ Facili da applicare e da sciacquare


          • Property

            ✓ Rinforzante

            ✓ Ricostituente

            ✓ Lucidante

            ✓ Idratante



          • Recommended for

            ✓ rinforzare i capelli fragili, rovinati e sfibrati

            ✓ dare vigore e maggiore corposità ai capelli fini e sottili

            ✓ rimineralizzare il fusto

            ✓ sebo-regolarizzare la produzione di sebo nella cute