Capelli Secchi e Crespi: Colpa dell'Henné? L'henné secca i capelli?

Dry and Frizzy Hair because of Henna? Does Henna dry Hair?

I’m frequently asked the following questions: Is it true that henna dries hair? What to do to prevent hair to become dry and frizzy after the henna and herbal hair colors application?

Dry, frizzy and stringy hair: is it because of henna?

The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

It’s not a secret that herbal hair colors and ayurvedic herbs tend to dry and dehydrate hair. I personally remind you of this in every video-tutorial and in every blog-post I write.

But it must also be said that it’s a highly subjective matter, since everyone’s hair has a different structure and reacts differently to henna. Obviously, if you have dry hair you won't enjoy the same benefits henna gives to who has normal or oily hair.

We all must find our own balance thanks to a customized herbal hair mix that could help with hair dryness, without interfering with the color release on hair.

Is henna ok for every type of hair, including dry and frizzy hair?

Henna and herbal hair dyes will NEVER satisfy every type of hair’s needs! Cosmetic products artificially crafted in a laboratory can’t satisfy every type of hair’s needs, so why should we expect that kind of satisfaction from a 100% natural product?

Dry hair is usually the consequence of hereditary factors, of an unbalanced lifestyle, of too aggressive hair care or hair-styling products.

If you have oily hair, you will, obviously, benefit a lot more from the henna application compared to a person whom tends to have dry hair.

DOES HENNA DRY HAIR Dry and Frizzy Hair because of Henna

What should we do to prevent hair to become “straw-like”?

Here are my tips to avoid hair dryness after the henna application!

Before giving up on henna as a natural alternative to chemical dyes, here are my tips:

 - Test different mixes of henna and herbal hair colors and ayurvedic herbs until you find the perfect customized mix for you!

You can perfect your mix by adding humectant ingredients that will help you prevent hair dryness and will help maintain your hair hydrated. I don’t recommend adding vinegar, yogurt or other similar ingredients to your mix because they could irritate your scalp.

I recommend you to read this blog-post in order to learn more: Allergic to Henna Hair Dye? Henna Itchy, Sore & Burning Scalp? Here's what you can do!

So, if you already know your hair tends to become dry, you MUST add a humectant ingredient to your mix: fenugreek, flaxseeds gel, rice or maize starch are perfect because they keep hair hydrated without interfering with the color release on hair.

The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

They not only help maintaining a good level of hydration but they also help obtaining the perfect consistency to easily apply the mix on hair.

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 - Optimize the time you let the mix sit on your hair following your hair’s needs, without compromising the color release.

What many people ignore is that the more you let henna and herbal hair colors and ayurvedic herbs sit on your hair, the more they will tend to re-hydrate themselves by absorbing water from your scalp and from your hair leaving it dry, stringy and frizzy. So the longer you let the mix sit on your hair, the drier your hair becomes.

I suggest you to also read the article about Henna Application & Preparation: How long to keep it on? How often can you apply herbal hair color?

 - Be patient! Don’t say you have frizzy and dry hair just right away after having washed henna away.

Even the thinner and softer hair will seem drier, thicker and stronger right after the herbal hair colors or ayurvedic herbal application, hence expecting that dry hair will result immediately softer means that you don’t know how herbal hair dyes react on hair.

You should use a diluted shampoo and a conditioner on your hair before stating that henna dries hair, and before knowing if your hair enjoyed the herbal hair colors and ayurvedic herbs hair mask.

The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

 - Cuddle your hair with hydrating and/or nourishing hair masks.

Since you know that your hair tends to be dry and frizzy, you can prevent dryness by alternating between hydrating hair masks made with gels containing mucilages (flaxseed, fenugreek, mauve or aloe vera gel) and “nourishing” hair masks made with oily ingredients to reestablish your hair and scalp’s acid-hydro-lipidic balance.

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Except for the cases in which I want to dye my hair lengths, my hair masks are always hydrating, strengthening and volumizing, like the one you can find in the video below:

The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

- Avoid applying henna and herbal hair colors on your lengths too often.

I, for instance, have an oily scalp and my lengths tend to easily become dry. Since I don’t want henna color to layer on my hair making it look darker, and since I want to prevent my hair to become drier, I avoid applying the herbal hair colors mix on my lengths, but I always add other humectant ingredients to it.

The video tutorials are in Italian, but English subtitles are available!

Only if you experiment directly on your hair different mixes you’ll be able to find the perfect combinations for your hair’s needs, in order to prevent dryness and to avoid that your already frizzy hair becomes straw-like. Of course, should you have other tips for who doesn’t want dry hair after the henna application, please leave a comment in the box below!

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